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  • achilleaus achilleaus Oct 2, 2006 21:57 Flag

    Another Video Replays Shout

    i`m in total agreement, with all the money involved and the passion of supporters it should have been done years ago. take a leaf out of rugby`s books, everyones for except the governing bodies.

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    • Yeah bring in video refereeing! Obviously the referee still has the final call but where a penalty, offside, freekick etc. is hotly disputed the fourth official should communicate with the ref and tell him what's what. Video replays should be used to support the referee's/linesmen's decisions and not undermine them. If it eradicates cheating and human error it can only make the sport purer therefore the teams that really do deserve to win on the day should win because of their ability and not because of fortuitous refereeing decisions.