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  • Erik Erik Dec 20, 2006 22:44 Flag

    More Bungs Talk

    So, there are 17 transfers that have been singled out for further investigation by Lord Stevens. But the question remains, will anything come of it?

    We've had so many investigations into these types of affairs that simply dissolve into nothing. Will this case be any different? Will any top managers be exposed as having taken bungs? Or will the fault lie with the agents?

    Share your thoughts...

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    • Bring out the whitewash brushes-There is not a chance in hell that anything will happen!!! The F>A> is so tied up with the money men that they'd be committing suicide if they upset the big boys. If they can find some little club they can use as a scapegoat they will do so, but pigs will fly before they dare to go near the Prem. Bungs have been the norm for years, and will continue to be so in future.
      If you want bung-free football try the kids leagues, and maybee you'll be lucky.

    • Football agents, or, to give them their proper name, football pimps, will always find a way to operate and to let a certain club know what is in the small print of the player's contract. There'll be a bit of woffle and perhaps a smaller club will be made an example of, but nobody going to point the finger seriously at the big teams, who never lose out on these dodgy goings on. Mobile phones and motorway service stations will continue to play a shady part in making sure that the top clubs will get who they want and nothing the FA will do is going to seriously affect the current status quo.

    • i tell you what will happen NOT A THING never does in this country !!