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  • DARRENK DARRENK May 3, 2007 14:48 Flag

    Who is the biggest baby of a coach?

    Personally I think its "the great one", Jose Mourhino. I live in the US and all I ever read on Yahoo UK or see on Setanta or FSC is Mourhino said this or Jose said that. I have never seen him say (in defeat) that the other team was better or played better than Chelsea. Instead he resorts to blaming dirty players(in his mind) or incompetent refs, and when all else fails he can alway follow up with a personal jibe at other players. How old is this man?...8. Its not that i even dislike chelsea so much, its that I cant stand Mourhino. At least Wenger is willing to "Go a few rounds", that I at least respect more.