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  • dillon dillon May 5, 2007 21:51 Flag


    Worst referee of season: URIAH RENNIE. In fact... worst referee of the decade.

    I think that he thinks all eyes are on him!! Endless dodgy decisions and pointless bookings/sendings off and needless free kicks just to get his name in the paper.

    Any other candidates?

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    • the individual that offered this one up is,without doubt,the worst judge within the game.
      obviously slanted,the person cannot,or will not,justify their statement.
      if they can offer one tiny modicom of justification,then say so....there are are many points,i acknowledge,i can be corrected on but to me,the ref is always the ref,and thats it kidda,no if's,but's,meybe's,perhapsis...
      any disagreement then get off yr #$%$ and show uz all that you can do the job half as good.
      i used to play and since have been watching the game for 70 years now...honest.i can even remember harlandic....wow.
      so before you open yr very big gob,do you really think you could do as well or are capable of such judgement??
      to coin a phrase..play the game..cud you do as well?

    • I've just watched a referee perform so in adequately he should be demoted to the parks league. Step forward Rob Styles. Your performance at Man City was out of this world. NOT.

    • I am the worst referee. Why? I'll tell you. Because I don't know the rules and I hate football. It's a sissy's game. Men with alice band's on, I ask you.

    • Absolutely Rob Styles, didn't send the scam Michael Ball off for that vicious stamp on Ronaldo then gave City a penalty for no reason(Michael Ball being a jerk again in this incident, this kid must have some problems, like unhappy childhood or something to do with his mom, you name it)

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      • I think Styles missed the stamp (I only noticed it on the replay) and was wrong about the City penalty. Other than that, I thought he handled the match really well. His positioning wasn't perfect but he trod lightly for most of the match and was lenient as he should have been in a high stakes derby like today. Prize for worst ref must go again to Mr Poll.

    • No
      Rob Styles, hands down
      Didn't you see his latest effort in the derby?

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      • hey up another 2 Man Utd supporters that don't come from anywhere near to Manchester, Rob Styles is a good Ref, the only mistake he made was to be fooled by Ronaldo's dramatic fall yet again this and last season i'm only suprised he did not get an oscar award this year. Great footballer no way just another cheat like Maradona. Some of the late great professional footballers must be rolling in their graves at this cheats performances to gain an advantage. If Rooney had had half a brain he should have sorted Ronaldo out back at Old Trafford for his antics in the World Cup, but then i don't suppose his brain told him it was going to cost England again.