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  • Chelsea wonder why they are derided everywhere they play,well anybody who watched the cup final will know why,Chelsea were shameful in how they approached the game yeah you will argue "we won the cup"but in winning it you bored the #$%$ off the nation as you have done all season,
    to have so much talent and to play that kind of football is
    sinful,only one team tried to play and it was,nt you so lets hope next season your "special one "shows some bottle and sends your team out to play the game with some purpose.

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    • To all you out there, who are criticizing Chelsea about the way they play, stick a sock in it (and I hate Chelsea). As a reds fan, I hear this all the time; oh there so defensive, oh there games so boring, all they play is the long ball or counter attack, etc.. Speaking as a coach, my main priority is to win the game, not entertain the fans. To win the game I look at my players, the opposition, and make my game plan from that, not what I think the fans want to see. Ask any chelsea fan if they would rather win a cup or competition, or be entertained while losing. I think its sour grapes for most of you because you didnt have a team in the cup or your team lost.

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      • I would have expected something better from a 'coach'. In this present climate, football has become an entertainment industry on entertainment salaries and as a paying , customer, I expect to see at least some entertainment from any team that I had parted money with to see. Being a gooner I am fortunate to see a lot of fantastic football when the boys play (despite the obvious disappointments when we lose)but despite chelski supposedly having a world class midfield and lampards ability to come onto the pitch for only 2 minutes of most games, they are a boring long ball team looking to lump the ball over the center of the park onto the drogs head. Arsenal where regarded as boring when they used this tactic but why are chelsea supposedly not just because their sqaud consists of half a billion pounds worth of ' talent'

    • #$%$? why do u only blame Chelsea in this way, both teams played the same system so Man U were equally as much to blame.

      Stop whining just because you lost or werent in the final.

      Just accept the best team won it on the day, the team who had the most attacking efforts. As I had to accept Man U were the best team over the course of the league season.


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      • Completely agree with you Rob, it seems that its fashionable to jump on the bandwagon and slate Mourinho, Chelsea, ect.
        This unfortunatley is a modern day trait in the UK, people cannot think for themselves and have to appear to follow the herd rather than having an opinion of their own.Part of the reason i left the UK might i add.

        The best team won on the day especially over the 90 minutes, Man Utd pepped up in the extra period, but you cannot score from bundling a keeper over the goal line.

        Congrats Chelsea, get over it Man Utd, and supporters of other clubs, why not try and be constructive with your criticism and set aside grudges fuelled by defeats suffered in previous games.

      • also a real team who play football also get corners so see how many man u got and then check your boring team yes they had shots at go from nmost 30 yards out as they worry if they move to far from there goal , negative football suits negative people and that is what you are , because i would and hated man u for playind negative football but we have a pedegree that supporters who follow man u can see a team at least try and play football , you my friend and like most chelsea supporters only see a win but the art of football is much better to enjoy with passion so get out the shell and see football to enjoy