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    Were Arsenal right to cash in on Thierry Henry?

    Ok. So here's the thing. There's no denying that Henry has been one of the best players that the Premier League has seen. He's become an Arsenal legend and many fans will quite rightly be worried about what will happen next.

    But! Were Arsenal right to sell him and what's next for the North London club? Can Arsenal bounce back after losing such an iconic player or is it the beginning of the end? How will Wenger invest the money or is it in fact the end of Wenger too?

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    • The way I remember it, TH whined about Arsenal not signing players good enough to play with him. 1) A player's job is to play, not interfere in the manager's job or the running of the club. 2) Arsenal are a better team since TH buzzed off, possibly the most entertaining side in the EPL. What has TH done? I'ld say game, set and match to Wenger and Arsenal. They said no to blackmail, waved TH goodbye and haven't really missed a beat, have they?


    • Well, whenever a player has scored you praised him and forgot about him the next time he didn't score so talking about Henry, I think Adebayor is doing a work worth the missing of the chap so I don't think Arsenal would have got any better with Henry. What's the deal about him being cash in or not? what is the deal?

    • I am a Manchester Utd fan but for me Henry was a joy to watch for Arsenal. He represented speed, finesse, coolness under pressure, the ability to score from anywhere ... a true world class striker. Arsenal were wrong to cash in on him and the premier league lost one of its finest.

    • No! I strongly believe it is a big mistake.

      Henry could have stayed on to play a 'bergkamp' role to good up coming strikers/forwards like Eduardo, RVP or Walcott.

      Henry only had a bad season before he left. Just 1 bad season in his whole career at Arsenal. Can i forgive him for that after all he has done? Ofcourse... think of all the records broken and set when he was around.

      Mark my words, Adebayor will NEVER EVER be able to reach the standard and class of Henry. 19 goals and the pathetic fans are praising ade which is sad... he scored only because he was given majority sitters.

      An example would be the Milan game recently. The second goal is a 'sitter' goal setup by the determination, skill, speed and vision of Walcott. Who got the glory? Most fans think its Ade but the real credit must go to Walcott in the first place.

      19 goals and you people call Adebayor great. Thats the saddest thing i hear and it embarasses me as a fan to see another saying Henry is #$%$ which is an insult.

      My personal front lineup for our strikeforce has to be RVP and Eduardo or Walcott.

      Enough said, for all those Adebayor Fans....you all don't know how to appreciate greatness when you had one.... his name is Henry... like the Great Bergkamp.... they are what you call CLASS.

    • yeah , arsenal are so much better without him.

    • Arsene Wenger produced another master stroke in turning a players career around full circle like what he did to Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Viera, Robert Pires, Kolo Toure.Thierry Henry was incredibly quick but no end product when he left monaco for Juventus.He learn't exactly nothing at Juventus but became a complete footballer at Arsenal.He was made to be the big fish in a small pond and he thrived on it.He should have left the Arsenal the start of the season where Arsenal got to the Champions League final.Arsenals current position lets you know that they are probably better off without him but they should have got more money for him.Arsenal will be fine but Henry is now a small fish in a very big pond at Barcelona.

    • There is SOME talent going around ( Theo Walcott) but really no, English players are horrible in general, when u consider they couldnt even make euro and countries like coratia could, who have aorund 3 players any1 has every heard of. Most of the england team has been there for a while and when they try put in new, faces ( like bloody carson) they end up screwing up

    • Would have been nice if Arsenal bought some bloody English players with that money if they needed to buy...Arsenal are like my team Inter Milan...we buy too many bloody foreigners...we loan all our Italian home breed players to the rest of the dam league....When I went to the derby at the San Siro 2 weeks ago it was like watching Argentina v Brazil....Arsenal are going the same way...since the old Arsenal (Tony Adams era etc), most of the players are non-English...is there really no talented English players coming through the system???Feel free to answer any Arsenal fans.

    • yes i agree but just henry is not the arsnal team they still have some pretty good players

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