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  • Erik Erik Aug 13, 2007 19:09 Flag

    Start of the season thoughts

    Well, it has certainly been an interesting start to the season. The newbies started off well with Sunderland leaders of the promoted pack and Derby certainly holding their own. Birmingham also put up a good fight against Chelsea but failed to score points.

    Newcastle top the table following some fine acrobatics by Martins. Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal also came good by winning their opening day games.

    But how much can we take from these first games. Is it an early indicator of things to come? Has Eriksson put together a team that can challenge for trophies? Is the 'Keane Effect' going to spur Sunderland into more victories? Will there be any real surprises this season? What has been learnt from the opening games?

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    • My end of season top 10 and relegated teams table would be:

      1. Chelsea
      2. Liverpool
      3. Man Utd
      4. Arsenal
      5. Man City
      6. Newcastle Utd
      7. Everton
      8. Portsmouth
      9. Blackburn
      10. Tottenham

      18. Middlesbrough
      19. Wigan
      20. Derby

    • Obviously, it is a disappointing start to the season for Man United, but people should't be jumping the gun after only two games. There is a higher standard when it comes to points total you need to win the league, and four lost points could cost them, but they are still the biggest favourites, I believe. Chelsea will be pushing it hard to the very end, and it will be interesting to see if they will be able to cope with injuries, especially the one of John Terry. Liverpool and Arsenal did well, but if the facts that Liverpool have a lot of new signings and that Arsenal are not experienced enough, start to influence their performances, it will be another disappointing season for them. Tottenham started bad, and, after all the millions they spent, there is an enormous pressure on Martin Joll, but I think they just need that first win and we'll see them in top 6 soon, no question. Newcastle proved their worth, and Bolton's post-Allardyce
      era is not promising, judging to their openning match. I tip Sunderland to stay in the league, as there is an incredible determination within the squad and never-giving-in-spirit brought by Roy Keane and two last-gasp goals prove the point.

    • U definetly must be either a Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or even anti-ronaldo fan!!! U also must always close ur eyes when 'THE GREAT' Ronaldo gets the ball!!! Either that or u didn't see the game when Cristiano Ronaldo literally dropped...asheley cole (while still in arsenal) to the floor, check his freestyle videos..its all there!! All you have to have is love for football, talent and you'll see who's good...put your team to the side for a second.

    • Don`t read too much into th start of the season. Yet another quiet one for the big four. I think Spurs have disapointed so far.
      Out of the promoted three, I think Sunderland will fair well finishing top half and Birmingham will stay up.

    • sir alex must be killing himself right now. gotta be under pressure

      2 games 2 draws not happy for any manu fans but im not bovered im a mighty liverpool supporter

      bring on the pain manchester. one other thing your next run of games might not get u much

      the blue half of manchester who knows what could happen in that game.

      the tottenham game u r still without ron and roon

      bad times

    • 1. Man Utd are not as strong as expected. With their new summer signings I was almost convinced they would have a good chance at retaining the title. And now with Rooney out, Ronaldo suspended for a few games, and Chelsea leading by 4 points already..its looking bad for them

      2. Chelsea may have gone down in both games but they fought back and gained all 6 points. I think with Terry returing next week, and Ballack, Sheva on the way - Chelsea are strong contenders!!!

      Aresnal, Tottenham, Bolton - look weaker than expected
      Newcastle and MC - look very promising


    • Its good to see the season back and some interesting results, but still early to predict anything. I am an Aussie and watch English football (Soccer we call it) from afar. Best in Europe by far as you try to score goals rather than stop them like in Europe. Attack not defence! I am a Man Utd fan, but don't expect them to win this year. Maybe someone elses turn? Newcastle look good with Viduka. Just hope we have lots of goals during the season! All the best to all!

    • reply hengki k
      Is there something i don,t know or have not heard. did he come back with injury from the asia cup ???

    • I agree with you Nicky. He is indeed a talented player and Rafa indeed is a man with lots of patience. I know he himself would be frustrated to be on treatment table all these times, but he must do something about it, like retire from his national team maybe and concentrate on the club? He always bring injury back to Liverpool from his international duty!!

    • reply to hengki k.

      Kewell may have been injury prone since he came to us from Leeds.. But Rafa has proven himself again and again for his judgement in players. So if he has decided To keep Kewell then there must be a reason. I beleive he his very talented and when he has played he always gives 110% and his presence is always felt by the opposition.

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