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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 13, 2007 21:54 Flag

    Premier League: Best in the World?

    I would say that the Premier League is the most Exciting League in the world but i dont think it is the Best League in the world as It is the same Four teams who make it to the Champions League every year and rest of teams think that Fifth position is the best they can manage .I would like teams like Newcastle , Blackburn etc to break this dominance and make it more Competitive .

    Whereas Spanish League and Italian League are more competitive where Clubs like Sevilla and Roma have started challenging the Big Clubs like Real Madrid , Juve , Barcelona , Inter , Milan for Domestic Titles and then there are clubs who have serious ambition to play in champions League like A Madrid , Zaragoza , Fiorentina , Lazio etc . I personally feel that Italian League is the best as the clubs Manage to produce good talent themselves instead of Buying in the Transfer Market