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  • SG SG Dec 19, 2007 23:03 Flag

    Premier League: Best in the World?

    So sorry to burst your bubble Jack, but we're not talking about English players here, we're talking about the league.
    Whatever you view about the state of the national game, which in hopefully in repair stages, it doesnt take away from the appeal of the English league.
    The Premier League IS one of the best in the world, highlighted by the money it generates from world revenue, the world renowned players it attracts, the distance the English teams go in European competitions year in and year out and the caliber of managers who want to come here and take out the BIG 4.
    All those ingredients added together do make it one of the best leagues in the world. You ever wonder why so many countries watch the English Premier League rather than the Sweedish league? Because of the entertainment. You ever wonder why English, Italian, Spanish and German teams routinely progress further than most in Europe? Thats because of skill and performance levels by all the players. Therefore, it has to be considered as one of the top 4 footballing nations in Europe at the very least.
    Rating the Premier league on the fact that 11 Englishmen underperformed for their country doesn't quite jive because of all the other players the league has to offer.