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    Premier League: Best in the World?

    Simple question really. What's the best football league? Is it our very own Premier League or could it perhaps be La Liga in Spain or Serie A in Italy? It is probably fair to say that players from all around the world are keen to play in all three of those mentioned. And don't forget the Bundesliga in Germany, Ligue 1 in France or even the SPL.

    Are some of the lower divisions equally exciting? Are there any leagues that will become popular in the future?

    Finally, what is it that makes a league great. The players? The teams? The money? Or is it the football?!!

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    • it is so amusing to see people enjoying the italian league....The players use their arms to much in that league and spend most of the time trying to cheat the opponent by diving or grabbing... just like the guy who died from the head butt in the world cup final... he did die right? If not he deserves an oscar... wait all italian players are oscar worthy.. As for the spanish league i bet most people couldn't name more than 4 teams in that league

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      • Gazza, England's one true top world class player of last twenty years actually used his arms rather a lot (and not just for holding pints)! And I'm glad you mention the 'naming 4 Spanish teams' thing 'cos those that can't name 4 Spanish teams can't know enough about LaLiga to say if the EPL is better than it or not.

      • 1st of all don't make absurd assumptions probably u'r not sharp enuff to remember more than 4 teams from La Liga......secondly know the material before commenting on it ( just like the guy who died from the head butt in the world cup final).....Hopefully u are aware of the fact that every league has its own unique style n thngs like headbutting n pretending can happen in ANY league.....lastly we're talking about football not movies here....leave the Oscars alone dude!!!!!

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        I enjoy so much when you speak about the italian football...however you can continue to see the 1966's world cup matches and glorify beckam, owen lampard and all that loosers...eh eh eh. Thank you my friend.

      • I agree, they cheat and dive relentlessly and always seem to get away with it as the referees appear scared to stop it, some of the decisions they get in their favour are absolutely ridiculous and this for me explains their winning so many competitions and its so obvious too.

    • I think the la lega is simply the best,they can boast of flare skills and most of all intertainment. if you are looking at watching real football you kn its no wonder the brazilian players prefare to play in the spanish league. henry, ronaldhinio, messy,etoo and the old time greats like zidane, maradona have all played in spain.

    • No,thank you!
      its aint the best in the world!
      its becoming the best but not yet!
      Aliwa TG,
      frm Tanzania.

    • The SPL is underated despite Scotland being above BOTH world cup finalists in our section for Euro 08. We have beaten France both home and away and are obviously in a great position to qualify. The English are jealous of us as is shown by their condescending attitude to our football, yet Celtic beat Man U and Rangers beat Leeds home and away a few years back and Leeds have never recovered from that. When England won the World Cup we beat them 3-2 at Wembley soon after.
      Dundee Utd beat Barcelona home AND away some years ago. Its time the world woke up to these facts concerning my country and stopped acting as though we are rubbish when we continually prove those doubters wrong. English and other foreign players who have played in Scotland know the real truth about this. Great players too like Rino Gattuso from Italy and Terry Butcher from England for example. Our players are more commited and don't dive around cheating as much as others. This has cost us in some important games and adds to the false impression of us. That is why I say the SPL is the best. We do not have a large population yet Scotlands away support is definitely better than most if not all. Cheers and good luck.

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      • the only thing to say in response to that is when have scotland last qualified for a major championship and actually done anything?? they are a long way behind and probably will be for some time to come. one day, maybe, they will be up their competing with the top dogs, but when you hold on to a few lucky results from the past it tells the truth. improvement from previous years it cant be denied, top league, laughable!!

      • I would love to see Celtic and Rangers join the English league system, of course they would have to start in CC League 2 and work there way up, it would be interesting, i actualy rate Celtic as on par with Leyton Orient, and Rangers on par with Leeds, they both would have a miserable time in the EPL, if they ever made it there.
        As for Scotland, i dont think they will make Euro 2008, France and Italy are 10 times better, and would'nt it be awful if we had to put up with a team on par with Trinidad & Tobago rather than France & Italy.
        Scotland do not have much in the way of talent to win anything, they will win the odd lucky match now and then.
        Those hilarious kits the Scots have to wear has the whole footy world laughing.
        Scotland is an embarrassment to the UK, lol

    • Champions League by a mile! OK it's not a national league or exactly a league as such but it has (mostly) the best players and best teams and no doubt about it year after year it throws up some fabulous matches. The crowds love it and so too do the TV audiences. You have the exhileration of seeing teams from all the top leagues compete against one-another and as you can't watch all the different league competitions all the time it gives insight to the various national leagues, their teams, their styles, their players, their coaches and their traditions.
      Listen in - I posted a Thread two days ago now - 'Who Will Win The Champions League' - there is now less than 24 hours to kick off and NIL responses! That's pathetic guys - it just gives ammunition to those who say that the English are self-centred ninnys not interested in anything East of Dover! Come on, show that you are knowledgable of the WORLD game and get on to my thread now and let's have your opinions and tips - all of them!!

    • No. They may have the most money and receive much hype but the BEST league for true football and commitment is the SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE easily.

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      • you having a laugh.SERIE A maradona,zico,zidane,van basten,gullet,matheus,careca,battistuta,baresi,maldidi,baggio,rossi,thuram,rumminega,sivori,rivera,fachetti,passarella,hagi,ronaldo,cannavaro,buffon,klinsman,kaka,figo,savisevic,papin,dechamps,voeller,cafu,zola,pirlo,mancini,nesta,roberto carlos,weah,boniek,platini,brehme,bergomi,altobelli,scirea,zoff,falcao,dunga.
        EPL cantona,schmiecel,best,charlton,henry,shearer,moore,owen,bergkamp,robson,ronaldo c,dagleish,rush, do me a favour,wheres the world cup winners,all cash no class......

    • Its not a simple question its a stupid question as it implies that the respondent has a knowledge of all the other leagues in the world and how those leagues compare to the EPL. Saying that the reasons I don't think it deserves to be considered as best in the world include: that it under represents Englands professional players, its uncompetitive, worships money to obscene levels and its priority interest is how to wrest increasingly greater amounts of hardearned money from people who can't see that their loyalty is being abused at every level. The Burmese Generals could learn a thing or two from EPL - gee maybe they would like to invest in a club I'm sure the EPL would welcome more money coming in. And RA of Chelsea pay proper taxes you greedy @?*!

    • no way, the spl rocks ! LOL

    • I think the best league is La Liga! It's home to the greatst team in europe (history wise), Real Madrid. Not to mention Barcelona, Sevilla, Vallencia...

      Yes, the EPL is host to a lot of great teams, but the competition there is really thin. The same 4 clubs are in the top 4 practically every year. Especially in recents years. La Liga and other leagues see many different teams battling out in the end. A few are always there, but other teams will put a tough fight.

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      • Forgot to mention what I think makes a league...

        The player that travel in and out and how they perform. More great stars of the world have played in La Liga compared to other leagues. And by stars, I mean like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, C Ronaldo (yes I know he plays in the EPL), Maradona, Zizou...

        A league to wath in the future could be the MLS. Just by watching the USA play BRA in a friendly, you can tell US players are getting better. USA lost 4-2, but you'd have to watch the game to see how close it was.

        After it was 3-2, the US should of had a possible 2 PK's. On for a bad foul, and another for a hand ball. Neither were called. Brazil's 4th goal was on a pk in the 3rd minute of injury time.

    • Yes! It is the best in the world. The quality of the players and management made the Premier League to deserve the crown of the best world championship.

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