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  • Petrus Petrus Sep 20, 2007 08:03 Flag

    Mourinho Gone! Good or Bad for Chelsea?

    Is Mourinho's departure the start of a Chelsea collapse? Or does it mark the start of even better times? What went wrong? Who should be Manager now?

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    • I am still SHOCKED with what has conspired at Chelsea . I thought that Mourinho should have been given a chance to win the Champions League which Abrahmovic seems to be obsessed with .

      I thought Chelsea would be sensible enough to wait for the season to end after which they could have taken some course of Action depending on the Results . It really looks like that it will be a season to forget because i do not see any Top class Manager coming to Chelsea this season except perhaps Didier Deschamp who is not such a Bad bet after all .

      What makes me really sick is the sight of Shevchenko who is probably the reason why there was a rift between The Manager and The Chairman . Sheva cant play in the BPL as he is not Target man nor a supporting striker and should move to Italy

    • Mourinho gone thats what i have been waiting since he arrived at the premier league but now its paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty time for gunners huraaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats the gunners are gonna take the title ARSENAL FOR LIFE

    • Mourinho is unique, love him or hate him he has proved himself with Porto and Chelsea. What happens with him next will prove whether he is truly GREAT.
      He took Chelsea forward from Ranieri particularly with his use of substitutes. People forget Chelsea were not so bad before he came, and the constant talk of Abramovitch's money. Look at the money Man U. Liv. New. Tot have spent, after 300,000,000 mil does it really matter. Man U have ALWAYS spent money, the size of their ground with the revenues received from the large support have always given them the edge, Abramovitch just took it away from them.
      Unfortunetly his insistance on bringing in Shevshenko/Ballack did upset the rythym of the Chelsea team and whenever they played it was a 10 man team. Inconsistant performances from Robben and SRPhillips and Duff before, affected the results.
      Too many new players brought in last season, Kalou,Mikel,Diarra,Boularouz,A Cole plus Shev& Ballack they never really gelled not to mention Hilario in goal for half the season.
      Bringing in so many new players at once was probably his one mistake.
      Drogba and Essien however also had bad 1st seasons at Chelsea now they are the fans player of the year and the top goalscorer.
      I would say the balance is still not quite right they neeed a M Owen type goalscorer, alongside Drogba and a Zola type creative midfielder. Never understood why he sold Eider Gudjohsan, great first touch and through balls, although he did have a poor 4/5 mths along with poor team performances in general.
      So not all was Great from Mourinho, but much better than had gone before, and he did instill the winning mentality.
      I dont see anyone around (available) who could replace him and only 4/5 who could, even if they were available.
      Given the choice of Abramovitch or Mourinho I know who the Chelsea fans would choose, and he's not Russian !!

    • Great news da departure of former chelsea manager will show wat chelsea is really made off anyway arenal all da way cus they simply da best club in da world

    • With Roman's £, Chelsea would be OK. Chelsea would collapse only if Roman's took away all his £ from Chelsea.

    • Mourinho did not leave stamford bridge,it is no confirmed officially yet. please dont make quick announcement.they are all humours.the souce is only tv.

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      • It is my view that its going to be a long sad season for chelsea because not only there is a new coach with new ideas of how the team should play but also base on news coming from the payers they are very unhappy with the departure of mourinho, which mean that the team moral is going to be affected and may be affected badly. it is true that Roman is an asset with his money to chelsea but my view of things is that he is going to end up been a big part of there failure because no matter how much big name player u have if your not winning supporter will not come and see the game and Madrid is a perfect example of that situation in the pass 2 years. what shock me is an article online where they interview a member of chelsea staff who said that when they hire Mourinho they want to win and he has do that but chelsea has move beyond winning and what to have a global image of superstar player, what it goes to show is that as a chelsea fan we have a hard time a head of us because the team that is been shape will not be shape on winning but on superstar and mega star. We should anticipate some of chelsea must valuable over seas players leaving the club to go else where. In closing i thing this rich out of touch owner of chelsea who went out and buy an aging player such as A.S and a Ballack that every one could see will be not fit in a chelsea mid field base on the players they have is going to be the down fall of the club in the long run

      • Maybe ..... but Sky Sports News quote 'Senior Player' as saying 'Mourinho sacked' and BBC report says 'M sent texts to senior players including JT that he was leaving'. That's 1.30am.