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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 26, 2007 00:57 Flag

    Mourinho Gone! Good or Bad for Chelsea?

    I am still SHOCKED with what has conspired at Chelsea . I thought that Mourinho should have been given a chance to win the Champions League which Abrahmovic seems to be obsessed with .

    I thought Chelsea would be sensible enough to wait for the season to end after which they could have taken some course of Action depending on the Results . It really looks like that it will be a season to forget because i do not see any Top class Manager coming to Chelsea this season except perhaps Didier Deschamp who is not such a Bad bet after all .

    What makes me really sick is the sight of Shevchenko who is probably the reason why there was a rift between The Manager and The Chairman . Sheva cant play in the BPL as he is not Target man nor a supporting striker and should move to Italy