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  • $unjeet $unjeet Sep 21, 2007 17:37 Flag

    Man Utd is going to win the match against chelsea

    Yes.Man Utd is going to be a winner in that match because Jose has been sacked out by Chelsea and the players are very frustrated by the decision taken by Jose ahead the big clash of the premier league Manutd V\S Chelsea.I think man utd is going to play a quick and rapid football with Ronaldo in the right,nani in the left,Anderson in the middle,Rooney and tevez in front with Evra support in the left back.The match will be in all possesion for united because they have to prove that the are indeed the real Champion with their firing squad.Manutd has always been a champion since Sir Alex took Manutd.My final score will be Manutd 2-1.

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