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  • Richard Richard Nov 3, 2007 17:51 Flag

    Are Players in the Premier League Paid too much?

    Cleary you cannot blame anyone (be it footballer or Merchant Banker) earning massive incomes if their bosses are willing to pay and I think the modern day professional footballer, in particular, is highly fortunate in this respect.

    However, the amount of money generated in football, particularly through Sky and advertising, does not adequately filter through to grass-roots football where facilities are at best poor and at worst non-existent (I live in a rural area where there is no money made available for village football) - this is the responsibility of the FA and PFA who could both influence the direction of such vasts sums.

    I don't believe Premier Club owners are particularly concerned about ticket prices and average crowds as the principal income is derived from television and advertising revenues and is (collectively) 'easy money'.

    I think it rich from an MP to complain about professional footballer wages when it is clear that most MP's abuse their rights to expenses and are able to vote for their own increases, when such money come directly from the public purse and the public have no option but to contribute - at least with footballers' wages the general public do have an option as to whether or not we contribute to their income.

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    • Thank you for stating the fact that MP's are merely deflecting attention away from themselves who are paid a rather large salary, often do not bother to attend important voting sessions that fdirectly affect our lives and run up ridiculous expense bills.

      Not to mention the mass wages paid to chief executives of say Tesco who allow their employees to earn the £150 weekly wage they spend on watching the football

      Yes Footballers are overpaid and it would be great if some of their wages was put into the community but it's not necessary their fault that society has created this great divide between rich and poor.

    • Seeing John Aarne Riise's wage packet and the £55000 tax bill every month I think we have got to hope those tax contributions are filtering through to worthwhile causes. If each club in the premier league is contributing millions in tax revenue every year the eventual winners are the hospitals schools etc.In an ideal world the money eventually benefits us all, heres hoping. Peter Risdale for next chancellor of exchequer

    • no thay arent.we are looking at the supply side of world class footballers.there is only one rooney and if u want him then u gotta pay to kip him.football is big business and those are just some of the costs that u have to meet to be on top of the game.mo must however be done to ensure that income gaenerated goes towards football development