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    Are Players in the Premier League Paid too much?


    So, this is an argument that seems to rear its head every now and then and this seems to be one of those times. Are Premier League players paid too much?

    This time, the argument seems to have been raised by Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe claiming that John Terry's salary is "obscene". Do you agree with Sutcliffe or should we just expect and accept these things as a part of today’s game?

    Is the Premier League to blame or are there other leagues and other factors that govern the wages in football today? Should anything be done to cap salaries in football and if so what?

    What about the argument that a footballer's career is limited to an average of 15 years?

    Answers on a postcard. Or on this thread at least...

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    • Seems all economic migrants are over paid-remember the Polish plumber syndrom.

    • You can not really blame the players 100% for their high wages.
      If you are playing for a football club where your wage is, let`s say, £1500 a week and you are approached by a club who wants to buy you and pay you £40,000 a week.
      What would you do?
      Don`t blame the players for wanting as much as they can get. Their career could be over due to one innocent/bad tackle.
      If the clubs are prepared to pay such high wages, then any player would be either braindead or completely stupid not to accept.

    • Mmm, maybe. But would you put up with this #$%$ from the scousers http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/01042008/1/police-launch-derby-investigation.html
      And they call themselves football fans.
      Football can do without you scousers thankyou.

    • The big question is HOW do you control it? If you cap it here you'd better be sure that they cap wages in Spain and Italy too, otherwise you might all end up watching footy at the championship standard. The only way it will stop is when SKY don't get enough viewers and the theatre of dreams fails to sell all their season tickets aka known as 'when hell freezes over'!

    • Who would think of that nonsense?! The Premier players are some of the best, no, they ARE the best in the world. Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba, Terry, and many others are the best in the league. The Premier League is the toughest in the world. I would pay high prices for these players to get me wins. Thats why Man U, #$%$ Arsenal(hate them), Chelsea, and Liverpool, are always on top.

    • Entertainment is at a cost, sport is a large pulling factor in regards to the industry.Fans are paying the peoples wages.Sponsorship and demand makes prices inflate.I think that in an ideal world; the doctors, nurses, emergency services, possibly the train drivers and bus drivers should earn a more fitting wage as they provide a service that the majority of the public in any country use.Unfortunately its not an ideal world so parents aim to raise the next child prodigy so they can live off their potential millions.

    • It all depends if you think paying some players more in one week, than 5 nurses for a whole year is moral then yes, I would rather 5 nurses when you think what they contribute to society and what our failures contribute.

    • premier players are paid far too much, other sportsmen should be paid a lot more than they currently are, for instance, motorcycle racers who risk more than most other sportsmen each time they compete,one mistake and they could die. There should be a" cap"on the players wages, perhaps a basic salary with bonus'es in relation to goal's scored, team performance, players 'game' rating,and fair play, foul's and bookings earning monetry penalties

    • PAID too much is the right description! There are very few players who can be said to really earn what they receive! Some players in the bottom 4/5 clubs are not even c/ship class -taking money under false pretences, but it's the clubs that are to blame for this by giving in to agents demands. Ban the use of agents in transfer/wage negotions & bring financial stability back to football. The clubs would be supported by the fans because it should lead to reduced ticket prices. BobP.

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      • Footballers are paid every penny they deserve!!!

        Footballers are paid SO Much because the clubs make SO much. Man U make £3million of the attendance of every home game over a prem season that makes £57 Million just from the crowd turning up at Old Trafford in the league. then think champs league, fa cup, tv money, merchandise, win bonuses etc..

        No one complains when a top film star makes £30 Million for 6 months of filming or presenters like jonathan ross on 4.5 mill a year

        Cristaino Ronaldo is the best at what in does in the WORLD, so he's going to get some dollar

        No one should complain any way WE pay their wages

      • oh it does make me chuckle that people actually believe that reducing players wages would make clubs reduce ticket prices

    • Of course PL players are paid too much money.

      There is no justification for what they "earn" and I use the word earn advisedly. As many have already have commented, nothing will be done to cap footballers salaries, and I think the word "obscene" accurately reflects peoples thnking on the matter.

      Football itself is no longer a sport it is a corporate business, run by millionnaire tycoons who pay patronising lip service to the fans, who through blind loyalty to their club, pay out thousands in tickets and merchandising each season, not to mention the hard core of fans who travel thousands of miles both in the uk and abroad, and for what. Only to be slapped in the face by overrated, overpaid, hypocitical players, and lets not forget the managers, who care more about the number of zero's in their bank balance than the very people who actually contribute to their salary.

      Then you have the national teams, how in God's name can a manager of a national team or a PL team for that matter get respect and committment form players who earn more than they do!

      For me the only way to give these clubs and players a wake up call, is for the fans to boycott the clubs, refuse to pay over inflated ticket prices, refuse to pay £50+ for a replica shirt, and to stop hero worshipping talentless premadonnas.

      Perhaps then they will now a little of what the real world is like.

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