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  • Spencer Spencer Jan 11, 2008 20:46 Flag

    Top New Managers Should Boycott Newcastle and WHY!

    It is not absurd anymore, it is absolutely disgusting how top flight managers in the English Premier League are now hired and fired at 10 a dime …shilling. Any manager foolish enough to step into the position at Newcastle must understand that in view of what is/has taken place there, he will only be feeding the quick-fix hire and fire system now so sadly associated with English football!

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    • I've read the board and the usual insults aimed at Newcastle and their fans,but amidst all the name calling and mud slinging what no-one has mentioned is Mike Ashley never wanted Sam as manager and he has said as much,Freddie Shephard installed him when he knew he was selling his shares at the club.Mike Ashley wanted his own manager and backroom staff (there was talk of bringing in K.K back then)but kept Sam on,he wasn't happy with the outcome and the results on the pitch and decided it was time for Sam to go.
      I agree Newcastle have been ridiculous with managers over the last 11 years and i'll be honest i think bringing K.K back is a big mistake but that is the boards choice.
      I do like the idea of a transfer window for managers .

    • Mmm ...Kevin Keegan ...three and a half years!!!

      After giving the matter some thought ...

      Dear Mr Alerdyce, may I take this opportunity to appologise on behalf of the administration of Newcastle United FC, although I am not remotely affiliated or connected to the club.

      As for Mr Keegan, may you be blessed, and with limited respect for your Toon administration, may you last a little longer.

      Kindest Regards - Mr Spencer Courtis

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      • So by the way you started this thread, newcastle are the only club to sack a manager, that cant manage?
        Managers come and go in more clubs than i care to think about, but that doesnt mean the club are always at fault. If a manager cannot get results, then maybe its style of management or lack of committment. Sam was maybe right for bolton but definately not right for the Toon.

        I do believe there has been more than one manager sacked already this season and their supporters will be saying they were sacked un reasonably.

    • Its not just the managers fault they are there to get the best players in and make the club big, the biggest fault is the chairman/s they dont see money signs or like how the manager is handling the team or not how the chiarman likes it, they are out the door. let the managers do how they feel best and after a season then yer, keep or fire but not a few weeks in.

    • everybody who says newcastle arent a big club should at least remember it is primarily the national media who call us this and not the fans, so dont slag us off for having unrealistic expectations - at least we dont expect to challenge for the title like liverpool, ha ha ha

    • This sort of comment is sadly indicative of present day society. Anything, or anyone you don't like - you wish them harm. Pathetic.
      Newcastle's ambitions are no different to every other club's - except that their phenominal support gives them the finances to make an attempt at buying success. How else do you do it? Even Man Utd. spend big. It's just fortunate for them that they have the World's greatest manager at the helm - only just, though. Remember when he nearly got sacked all those years ago?
      I'm not a geordie, but I don't see why they should be denied an attempt at success any more than anyone else.

    • To think they got it right with Big Sam! Those guys are a funny bunch, 11 managers in as many years. Looking for a miracle, they should turn to voodoo then. What do they really expect with mediocre and washed up signings. Managers worth their onions should know where the garbage stinks the most. They should hire Phillipe Troussier-Journeyman extaodinaire!

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      • Having read a few of the comments, I think that it should be mentioned that a club of the longstanding stature of Newcastle has to have confidence in its decision to employ a manager. This LACK of confidence in the administration of the club is reflected in their premature dismissal of Mr Sam Alerdyce.

        However, the apple does not fall from the tree ...how can we forget the short spell of Steve McClaren? Notwithstanding, this must stop in English football. Let us the public display a resolve to be mature and to finish what we begin ...management. Can I go so far as to say that if Newcastle is to come through this with any creditability, that they should at least appologise for their premature dismissal of Mr Alerdyce, if not reinsate him!!!

        England cannot afford an at random "hire and fire" policy to become the norm - not in the least. Let us dislpay stability within our football, and this to the world.

    • I think there should be a transfer window for for managers. That way if a manager loses more than 5 games he could be transfer to a club who lost more than 5 games He may be aable to stop the rot setting in Yours John Hamer

    • I still can't understand that Big Sam was fired just for not achieving something that the board of NUFC wanted. Many months was Owen injured, also many other players was not available during the first half of the season. The problem lies within the FA, that they allowed managers to be sacked whenever the board feels it, plus there are many foreign owners that feels that the clubs they owned must WIN every game, and win the TROPHY. I wish somebody could tell them that it's very hard to achieve, because only 1 team will win.

    • Anyone smart enough to take the Newcastle job should be smart enough to make sure they are worth a mint if they are going to get fired.

      There has been talk of Sam taking the Ireland job and although I doubt we could attract him, it would be a good step for future England manager.

    • 6 - 0 and one minute of extra time to go ...nothing less than the hirers and the firers deserve ...not the fans. The repercussions have just rippled with Smith being sent off - with seconds to go. And it hasn't ended at 6 - 0 !!!

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