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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 15, 2008 12:30 Flag

    will chelsea still sign babatov

    your totally wrong, lampard has been on terrible form dating back since the world cup. Barry deserves a place in front of him every time with england.Lampards an overpaid overrated hot head.

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    • I don't think Berbatov would bring anything to Chelsea. Don't get me wrong, he is a world class player but needs to be played in a 4-4-2. The same can be said of a lot of Chelsea strikers - Sheva didn't go #$%$ overnight, we just can't accomodate him. I think Anelka will struggle for the same reason, I think Pizarro is better than we've seen and I cannot understand how Kalou starts games - and I'm a Chelsea fan!

      If Drogs goes then we're in trouble - we need a traget man who could hold the ball up. Crouch would be more beneficial to us than Berbatov.

      On a side note, I see a few notes about Lamps appearing here. He had a stinker today and I agree with many that his England place is up for grabs. That said, that is not because of his form for Chelsea, the guy has proved time and again how valuable he is to us and I really hope he stays in the summer. He's never really done it for England though, maybe for the above reason that 4-4-2 doesn't suit him. That said, I'd pick him ahead of Gerrard any day - now there is an overrated player.

    • my name is jonas. please Mr grant can u do me a fever.kindly go to iteli and buy at least 2 exp defenders to replace some of defenders.bcos i am allways afraid when they are being presure by any team in the world.some times they watch there maker or poor making. dont under rate any team.I im from ghana . chelsea means a lot to me . I am a footbaler in ghana playing a coast 3th division.Good luck.u allways win for me. bye