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  • Kelli Kelli Jan 17, 2008 06:25 Flag

    lfc,rafa red army

    rafa is by far the best he just needs to go and buy micah richards.another top class strker who can score 25 goals a season doesnt need no mid feilders as we have the best,the best way 4 liver pool to play and win the league ie as follows pepe
    finnan, carra micah/agger arbaloa

    yossi stevie g alonso pennant


    crouch/robbie keane

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    • pls. Pull out fernanda torres and buy peter crouch for the next seasone as he is a great striker, fernanda torres got lots of opportunities to make goal against wigan but every every effort was out of target......... Transfer him to the others club......

    • rafa, what is your impression after lost the game against wigan? Rafa pls. Answer why liver pool is playing rubbish football? why team speed is very less and why your team is not playing total football...!! Why your team is continously playing poor football....!! why mid fielders are not racing to dominate over oponent.... And why rayan babel always in the back bench......!! And last one more question..... What strateggy r u following for the win......!! Pls. Answer all of these question..............