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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 21, 2008 19:01 Flag

    Was Robson the right man for the Job.

    Baggies fan here - I always thought you'd had a hugh mistake appointing Robbo. I never thought he had any idea what his best team was when he managed us. The football was drab, and we got lucky when we had 'the great escape' and found out the following season. Not wishing to label teams but I always thought S U were a difficult team to play against under Warnock, but Robbo's style is very diffierent.

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    • Baggies fan here... Robson is so negative in his approach to matches and tactically naive. A miracle saved us in the "Great Escape" not Robson! Poor manager... that can attract decent players but can't make them perform. As a player, fantastic... as a manager, well I've never been convinced.