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  • Warren Warren Feb 7, 2008 22:18 Flag

    Premier League matches to be played abroad

    Some Premier League matches could be played in Asia or the USA in future.


    Will further spread the popularity of the Premier League, I guess.

    But what about KO times?

    And what about the die-hard local fans? Don't they matter now?

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    • i dont think playing prem games abroad is a good idea but what about a mini break in the league during the african nations cup and holding mini 4 team tournaments in 5 different countries round the world with 4 teams from the prem being drawn from a hat and a country so there is no bias to who plays where. it will still be competative and fair to all the prem teams as they will all be going abroad the same time.

    • "Chance for United! Rooney bursts forward between Senderos and the blueberrybush on the inside left channel. He is in the enemy potatofield. He picks out Giggs under the Apple tree who shoots. The ball takes a deflection on the plastic chair. It falls to Tevez who pokes it inches wide of Almunia's left hand oak. What a chance!"
      Give me a chance! I could field two teams in my backyard. In tight formation. I will splash the cash if required.

    • Why not considering Togo?

      There are more Arsenal fans then ever before

    • A solution for those Indonesians with lack of respect for a Villa-Birmingham encounter:
      EPL should organize an extra round of the league with mixed teams.
      Its simple: we have 22 on a playing ground. In this case it should be 20 from different actual PL clubs (each guy representing one in his own shirt for easier recognition) and 2 of the local celebrities (maybe the previous playmate of the local magazine). Singers and Actors who are interested should be match officials for this round of ten games.
      Then every player involved could bring his hard earned points home on an individual basis and the total of those can be added to the points of the teams (so a fortunate team could earn 30 points in one round and leapfrog the whole league).
      Imagine the excitement....

    • Poor idea..but i will love it if Manchester United's game played in Indonesia.. ^^

    • It wasn't long ago that the premier league were asking for a winter break, now they want to play an extra game every season. And what about all the fans that can't afford to go to see their local premier side.

    • with the disgusting wages these players should play year round to earn theier pay.

    • Er i meant NBA

    • Keep your #$%$ NFL NBL NHL and Rounders it's Yank sport for Yanks just as the EPL is an English league for the people residing here in England anyone not living in England can hop on a plane and come here to watch it and don't harp on about not being able to get tickets, the real fans here are unable to get tickets (well big 4 anyway) kinda tough #$%$ amigo. Bottom line is all Johnny foreigner wants to see are the big 4. Platini is spot on with his comment "You have no English manager, no English players and soon enough no English League". I lost interest in Premier league a few seasons ago and cancelled my Sky subscription. I just watch lower league now. It may be #$%$ but at least it's honest #$%$

    • The whole thing is utter nonsense, just the premier league trying to milk more money from their cash cow.
      They say its to make it more popular but correct me if i'm wrong is football not already the most popular sport in the world with the premier league at the forefront.
      Whoever thought of this should be sacked and sent to the USA.

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