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  • Adie J Adie J Mar 5, 2008 00:09 Flag

    Lampard decision & top 4 mentality

    I must admit I am very dissappointed to see the recent article that Frank Lampard has had his red card rescinded, not because it was a particularly violent incident as to be honest I thought it was handbags stuff with both of them having little kicks at each other and pushes, but its the fact that this really does highlight the utter uselessness of the FA and the governing body. How on earth can they let Lampard off and yet give the middlesboro lad an extra game ban, its ridiculous. I swear the police need to seriously start looking at the bank accounts of the the people that decide these things (and the bank accounts of their wives and kids) this reeks of bias towards the so called top 4 clubs, i say top 4 as its actually the top 3 and the 5th club. Just look at the Gallas decision??? he kicked out for christ sake, did the FA rescind Petrovs red at Man City??? no, and how about the middlesboro lad, yes he tapped him on the cheek but to be honest a fly could have caused more pain, and was the liverpool lad punished??? no he wasn't!!! I'm telling you this is either corruption or just the FA idiots living in cloud cuckoo land and its no wonder the lower teams don't bother appealing!!! its a joke, and i for one hope the middlesboro chairman launches a massive legal campaign and the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd are relegated to the championship like the Italy corruption, cus they cerainly get a fair share of dodgy referee decisions go there way also!!!

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    • A trifle over the top, but I agree that Lampard should not have had his card rescinded. I thought that Lampard was sent off for kicking Boa Morte whilst they were playing "handbags" with each other. If that had been two juniors in a school match, I suspect they would have both been off.

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      • I think infact it was the 1st meaningful decision made in a long time. Firstly because Lampard was shown the red card coz the assistant thought he had slapped boa-morte, and that wasn't the case. And the kicking thing that you guys are talking abt deserved no more than a yellow to BOTH the players.

        However, some of the things that should have punished but weren't are,

        1) It was ridiculous to increase the ban on the boro player. infact mascherano should have also got a 3 match ban if not anything else. This one was really pathetic....

        2) Why were both adebayor and bendtner left off the hook? I am sure adebayor didn't kiss bendtner for his nose to bleed.

        3) Alex Fergie's bizzare reaction at the end of a match, i think it was reading. There should have been some action taken against him.

        These were the major incidents that come to my mind.

        btw am a Chelsea fan and can tell you that we have been on the receiving end of a lot of decisions, and for one to come our way was really a surprise....