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  • Sleepy-Jazz Sleepy-Jazz Mar 24, 2008 07:26 Flag

    Will Newcastle get relgated?

    how can you blame Keegan? He inherited #$%$ The problem is not Keegan, the problem is all the sicknotes and big name players in for their final wages. Get rid of the lot and look for some hidden gems that nobody has heard of - who had honestly heard of any of Ronaldo before he went to Manchester (we all knew the Brazilian but not this Portugal kid). Who had heard of 50% of the Arsenal team? Our trouble is that we buy big names and we really need to be buying hidden young talen which is what Wise's role is.

    Remember the last time Keegan was here? We got rid of the youth team and everything to concentrate on the league title. That is Keegan's job. Wise's job is to look after the stuff that Keegan does not want to do - the youth academy etc.

    As for going down - I have never heard so many whinning Maccems as on this site. Get over it, Newcastle will probably stay up simply because what is underneath us, including Sunderland, is crapper than what we got at the moment.

    Geremi needs a zimmer frame to cross the pitch along with Duff and Barton. We need speed in the midfield.

    But at the end of the day if we do go down, Keegan is the perfect manager for getting us back into the Premier in one season - he has done it twice already - and we will get rid of a lot of dead wood.