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  • Sleepy-Jazz Sleepy-Jazz Mar 24, 2008 07:40 Flag

    Will Newcastle get relgated?

    and Man U has a decent defense? Has anyone actually tested it? When facing the top 4, clubs try to shut shop and don't even try to attack. On the rare occasions that a club has attacked they have tended to win - like in the FA Cup, M'bro against Arsenal etc.

    The problem is not the defense because no club except Villa has a good defense. The problem is that the Mid-field and the attack don't put the fear of God into other clubs anymore like it used to.

    Keegan's record was way better than Sam's. Remember what Keegan currently has to work with is Sam's rejects. Keegan has taken the club higher than Sam ever took Bolton.

    I think Keegan is the person we need for the summer and next season. If he walks afterwards then it does not matter that much, the job of getting rid of the dead wood should have been done by the end of next season.