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  • Damilare Damilare Mar 7, 2008 00:18 Flag

    Chelsea will win premier league

    Yes i believe Chelsea has the potentials of winning the premier league, We are ready to face any challenges, Back and Better. No retreat no Surrender.

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    • Class, one trophy youmust win, is mugs of the decade, who took back the clown of a manager who failed you so badly last time, or have you forgotten!! "I'll love if we beat them" yeah yeah and the band played believe it if you like, but more chance believing in fairies, geordie Fairies!!!!!!!

    • So profound, I hope you put money on this!!!

    • what clown wrote this?? here's some FACTS for you
      2006/2007 Manchester United
      2005/2006 Chelsea
      2004/2005 Chelsea
      2003/2004 Arsenal
      2002/2003 Manchester United
      2001/2002 Arsenal
      2000/2001 Manchester United
      1999/2000 Manchester United
      1998/1999 Manchester United
      1997/1998 Arsenal
      1996/1997 Manchester United
      1995/1996 Manchester United
      1994/1995 Blackburn Rovers
      1993/1994 Manchester United
      1992/1993 Manchester United
      3 times back to back, one time 3 in a row, so what you bumping your gums about, please if you want to talk football, show some knowledge, do not show what an idiot you are. Man Utd wins 9 All the rest incl Arsenal and Chelsea 7

    • Greating from a Yank Chelsea fan. There are only a couple of games left, right? If Chels and MANU are tied does it go to goal differential?

    • I strongly believe Man. Utd. will lift the EPL trophy this season agn...they deserves to anyway...they have versatile players who can switch positions easily...they also have some of the most outstanding defenders in the league and not forgetting their most creative and influential player C.Ron..who has already scored more than any other premeirship players this season..

      I dont see Chelsea upsetting Man.Utd by taking the trophy...Chelsea has the potential to win..no doubt cuz they have good players who can perform at the same level as Man. Utd. but this year is not their season....i cant see them winning unless they get real lucky with Man.Utd. dropping more than 3 points..this weekend..

    • What a load of dog turd your speaking, OF COURSE CHELSEA HAVE THE POTENTIAL!!! that is merely primary school maths to work that one out. but the bookies make Man Utd 1/6 to win the league and chelsea 7/2, so they look like they know who is almost certain to win and who not to win!!

    • Chelsea can't win the premier league. Only Manchester Can Lose it... therefore chelsea will get it by luck and by default.

      But it doesn't matter anyways cause Manchester United will take care of business against those rubbish fools at the JJB.

      Glory Glory Man United- as the reds go marching on.

      UNITED *clap clap clap*

    • Crongratulations everything you have said has so far been total #$%$ ...keep up the good predictions !!!

    • Mike B...
      If the kids of today can read this, theyre doing fantastic...
      Everybody knows the Chavs can only read where they sign on...
      So kindly shut your mouth and keep bouncing the kiddies on ya lap...

    • you fail arsenal will win so there

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