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  • busschaert busschaert Mar 9, 2008 13:53 Flag

    man u penalty

    so old fall down never got a penalty,how many has he got through bad referees which he shouldnt have.

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    • Ronaldo would get more respect if he would stop cheating and posing like a gay-male-model after scoring. He has a very good talent, but also a very BIG Head!

    • i assume you are a bitter liverpool, arsenal or even worse a chelsea fan.
      why cant people just accept that man utd are top of the league for 1 reason, they score more goals and let in fewer than other teams. just live with it

    • thank god for a mu fan with sense that doesnt believe they should be protected! it was a good old fashioned shoulder barge and if players cant stand up to that then maybe they should play in their own country where they are taught how to fall/dive to get refs decisions. i agree mu were the better team on the day, but they never took their chances and a team of their stature should not have to rely on a pen to win a game!

      .....Shoulder charge my #$%$! Though even if it was a shoulder charge they are as good as outlawed from the game.
      And I would like 2 c anyone standing after being hit by a 6ft, 13st man running at them shoulder or other wise, and still remain on their feet.
      And what makes it a fowl is the fact Distin made no attempt to play the ball therefore it should have been given.
      Also Evra should've got a penality as he was flattened just inside the box 2 with a so called shoulder charge.
      But that said UTD had enough chances 2 win the game with out the penalty(s)

    • lets be honest here, ronaldo was fouled and it was a penalty kick.

    • I don't hate any team ,but as a football supporter of nearly 50 years,the Big 4 domination has been a source of frustration , particularly when they get more than their fair share of marginal (and incorrect) decisions in their favour-as repeatedly confirmed by pundits. Distin's tackle may well have merited a penalty -and I,m sure United would have gone on to win .However, let us not forget the incredibly soft penalty awarded against Middlesbrough last year when the ball bounced up against Boateng's arm -Gareth Southgate was right when he said "you don't get those decisions in your favour against the big sides" .Maybe the referee did get it wrong on this occasion and Fergusonis right to express the view that the referee made a mistake , but he needs to grow up and accept that on balance his side have benefitted far more from incorrect decisions than than have sufferred.He needs to learn maturity from men like Stuart Pearce who when he was a Manager always adopted a balanced and fair-minded approach to refereeing decisions.

    • blatant penalty it was its because of ronaldos past diving makes it harder 4 refs 2 award penalty

    • penalty or not, if a team cannot put the ball in the net in open play then they do not deserve to win, and to whinge about a penalty not being given is just a smokescreen to deflect from a poor display in front of goal

    • Makes me laugh the amount of people that sit in their arm chairs and just say ronaldo dived and ref got it right haveing not even seen the incident. i was at old trafford and had a clear view and distin's challenge is the sort u see in american football ! i know ronaldo doesnt do himself any favours wich is why he doesnt get a lot of decisions wich sometimes he should get but at the end of the day too many teams come up against the so called top 4 and play a game of rugby and the refs DO NOT put a stop to it eg Wigan v arsenal . Bolton v man utd where i think Bolton thought they were playing a game of six nations rugby .

      I aint moaning about the result Utd had enough chances to put pompey out of sight but for a class goal keeper in James , all im saying is the refs need to start accepting that it should be 2 teams playing football not one and the other playing Rugby !!!

    • Pompey Rick, that is a very sensible outlook. I'm a United fan, so of course I was disappointed with the result, but you make some good points, and ultimately, it IS up to the referee, so there's no point in whining after the game.

      Well on to Pompey, I hope they, or Barnsley, win the cup.


      Come on United, thrash Derby today.....

    • Whichever team you support or not I think that the discussion on penalties misses the point - a penalty is only an offence (foul or handball) in a defined area - the box. For me there is too much discussion of "well, it didn't deserve a penalty..." - the only decision that the ref needs to make is "Did an infringement occur?" - if they applied this more rigorously then I think that after an initial surge of penalties then things would settle down and teams would get used to the idea!

      Regarding the Ronaldo penalty - when I saw it at full speed I was not sure - only on replay and from behind the goal angle did I think that he was deliberately blocked off and it was a penalty - ref got one view and he went with his instinct. You win some, you lose some!

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