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  • Woz Woz Apr 5, 2008 13:08 Flag

    Is Christiano Ronaldo the best player in the world?

    I am a neutral,... but I am a huge fan of the beautiful game.

    After hearing the tirades, and the reports that Roma players are sick of Ronaldo's skills and trickery,... and that they verge on the humiliation of opposition player's.... I have to say my piece.

    At this point (April 5th 2008) he has scored 36 goals this season, being the top goal scorer in the Premiereship, AND the Champion's League with 11 goals,... is this a coincidence?..... or is he just simply amazing? He's a winger for god sake !!... NOT a striker.

    You tell me.

    YES,.. his style is very different to anybody else on the planet,... and is consistantly overwhelming and very frustrating for his opponents. Not to mention very entertaining.

    Let me know your thoughts,.... if you know of a better player in the world right now, please let me know.

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