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  • HoOr~ HoOr~ Apr 25, 2008 15:42 Flag

    Ya, C.Ronaldo is not the best ......

    He, C.Ronaldo is the best .... in diving. He is very lucky bcz he get his form when kaka ronaldinho messi and others better than him have a very low form.So people say he is the best .... I DONT THINK SO!!!!

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    • I really hate the whole best player in the world thing. I dont think that having a good season and being considered the best player in the world should be treated the same. Also, most of the attention goes to those who score goals, they get the glitz and the glamour. Players like CRonaldo or Messi wouldnt be on the map if it wasnt for the support they get from the back line. The prize for best player in the world shoudl go to ppl like stevie gerrard who have played top level for many seasons, and is getting better and better, or raul from real madrid, who after a dip in form came back roaring.

    • My reply is in reference to (the so called) "Champions" post !

    • Idiots are entitled to their own stupid opinions !

    • The idea of BEST player of the YEAR, is that you take the performances from the currant year ONLY.
      it is not Ronaldo's fault the others were rubbish.
      On the diving front, I suppose your choice for actual player of the year would be Drogba he never dived, did he...

    • Finally,some common sense.I rest my case !

    • i would say messi the only reason ronaldo is overrated and givin so much attention is because everthn in man utd is basically created or based on him thats the only reason plus he is more commercial than the others so i wld say messi and robinho is right up there with him injuries kept him clam this season but he was deadly as messi as ronaldo in the games he played so i wld not say ronaldo is

    • u've actually talked #$%$ loads of rubbish, buddy. Be happy.

    • if we had to ask ronaldo weather he was the best player,he would have said no, but he would have said he will be tring to be the best player , thats why he is in one of the best team of the world. forza ronaldo para ser numer 1

    • ronaldo has been in amazing form and equaling the all time BPL record for most goals in a season is incredible, especially when he has been started on the wing more than up front this season.

      at the end of the day 99% of those doubting ronaldo's credentials as being equal to (or better than) the best players in the world would change their tune if they woke up tomorrow to see their team had signed him. this fact alone renders their comments as pure jealousy.

      plenty of other players dive more blatantly and more often than ronaldo. Drogba's diving antics in the first leg of the liverpool/chelsea match were ridiculous and Eboue and Gerrard both match Ronaldo for diving exploits. No doubt that covers the majority of teams people who are the most critical of Ronaldo's diving support.

      Just to reiterate - jealousy.

    • U know what is the meaning of professional player or not. A player who can maintain their performance and form is the meaning of that..If the best player as u mention cant do that and C. Ronaldo can do is wrong and he is not great player. If Ronaldo is not good player who you call good anyway?

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