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  • Slyshooter Slyshooter Apr 28, 2008 14:56 Flag

    no veteran english strikers in PL

    The premier league doesnt give respect to English players...like if you observe no team now has experienced english strikers or midfielders.

    If you compare this with the Series A (Italy), all the major clubs have at least few players who are rich in experience....like Vieri, Del Piero, Trezeguet, Inzaghi etc. they are all above 30's and banging goals in every game.

    Why aren't there players like Shearer, or more David James...(if he was in a big club, they would have thrown him out to some L1 club).....this proves the bad history of the international team

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    • I agree, but would just like to point out a big flaw in your Italian example - Trezeguet is a foreigner in Italy, he's French.

    • Having watched Englands games. I`ve yet to see the passion and pride. I`m convinced that the players treat these England games with contempt and are more interested in playing for their club side in Europe where they make £££`s.
      The Pride, the Passion, the Hope was lost a long time ago.
      Pick 11 England supporters to play, then you will see Pride & Passion.

    • bet you guys are just drooling at the thought of Kevin Phillips returning to the prem then. Great player. Ask any Sunderland or Southampton player/fan. He's the man who made Crouch and who is know making Miller. Yep!! You'll be getting a young un too. Which is interesting cos i'd have thought if it was a question of respect its the young that don't a chance whilst we all greedily hunt the next big thing in Europe. Which United babe will play in Moscow. Why didn't such a player spotter as Wenger manage to spot Bentley. I'd imagine its been a while since Chelsea bought a kid through.I think Everton had a good year with a few kids showing promise. West Ham were forced to give the kids a go. I don't think spurs did too badly kids wise. Bolton have been buying oldies for years.

    • Ever thought it may be because once a 'veteran' English striker or midfielder loses any small amount of pace he has (see fowler, cole, and even owen until he recently had his position changed) is far too slow for the English game and becomes completely ineffective. Only Shearer manager to stave off age and even his goals tally seriously suffered in latter years. Simple fact is, English players aren't good enough on the whole but the typical response from English people is to blame all the foreigners (but that's our way out of everything, not just football) in the Prem.