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  • wesiwyg wesiwyg May 2, 2008 03:44 Flag

    Football TV Listing


    We have recently launched a very useful website, www.wheresthematch.com which enables users to keep track of all live TV matches that are being broadcasted on BBC, ITV, Sky, Setanta and other channels over a monthly period. We also allow users to choose their favourite teams so that they can personalise ther TV schedule and also receive email updates to notify them when their teams are next playing.

    The site is very easy to use and we feel we would be of great benefit to your online users, as its often a topic of conversation in the work office and the pub.

    The very reason the site was set up was from a conversation I had with 2 mates talking down the local pub about which match was on which channel during the very busy Champions League group stage back in November 2007. This resulted in the 3 of us putting the site together.

    The URL is http://www.wheresthematch.com


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