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  • bluenose, perth bluenose, perth May 30, 2008 07:19 Flag

    Help me choose a Premier League Team to Follow

    well mate if your undecided and i can c yer point about celtic bein in scotland and all, im a rangers fan, live in london and i love watchin the english game, love it, but ,,, heres the catch, rangers are scottish too but there more a british team, so why not check out rangers.co.uk have a wee swatch, our songs are english at points, i live in england accross fae stamford bridge and i like to c the wee teams doin good man, but id say think about it,,,,, aye and u are right, glasga is a s#$t hole

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    • Rangers are more of a British team how so ? Do they not play in the same league as Celtic or do they field more British players than Celtic ? Or is this just a ex pat of Scotland running off at the mouth with the rubbish that taints both Celtic and Rangers.

      Also what the hell is your typing all about if you are trying to use your native language please at least get the spelling correct. "There more of a British Team"... should read "They are more of a British Team" however given that you clearly are living in the past I guess it has been a while since you attend school or any other form of education.

      In respect of the person looking for a team to support, most geniue supports find something to link them to the team, ie location, family history, team colours, geography so maybe you need to do a little more research before pinning your colours to any mast.

      Good luck

    • Intersting point!

    • i agree with my uk cousins here. watch some games first then figure out who you were rooting for. turns out i was an arsenal fan. first time i watched them was during their undefeated season and ive been a fan since then, through our proud undefeated season all the way to our dissappointing end of this season. stick with one mate and dont follow man u, bunch of #$%$.