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  • TGO TGO May 27, 2008 07:13 Flag

    Help me choose a Premier League Team to Follow

    Hey everyone, I am an American looking for a Premier League Team to support. I started a WordPress blog where you can give me advice on which team to choose. It is here http://helpmechoose.wordpress.com/

    Go there and leave me your comments on which team I should choose to follow!

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    • Thanks Mark, got it!!

    • I'm completely biased, but I'd say Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) - they've won the Fair Play League for the last 2 years running, so are honest and 'proper', and grabbed a cup this season too so show that playing fair doesn't mean you lose out.

    • well mate if your undecided and i can c yer point about celtic bein in scotland and all, im a rangers fan, live in london and i love watchin the english game, love it, but ,,, heres the catch, rangers are scottish too but there more a british team, so why not check out rangers.co.uk have a wee swatch, our songs are english at points, i live in england accross fae stamford bridge and i like to c the wee teams doin good man, but id say think about it,,,,, aye and u are right, glasga is a s#$t hole

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      • i agree with my uk cousins here. watch some games first then figure out who you were rooting for. turns out i was an arsenal fan. first time i watched them was during their undefeated season and ive been a fan since then, through our proud undefeated season all the way to our dissappointing end of this season. stick with one mate and dont follow man u, bunch of #$%$.

      • Intersting point!

      • Rangers are more of a British team how so ? Do they not play in the same league as Celtic or do they field more British players than Celtic ? Or is this just a ex pat of Scotland running off at the mouth with the rubbish that taints both Celtic and Rangers.

        Also what the hell is your typing all about if you are trying to use your native language please at least get the spelling correct. "There more of a British Team"... should read "They are more of a British Team" however given that you clearly are living in the past I guess it has been a while since you attend school or any other form of education.

        In respect of the person looking for a team to support, most geniue supports find something to link them to the team, ie location, family history, team colours, geography so maybe you need to do a little more research before pinning your colours to any mast.

        Good luck

    • This is a pathetic question. Plus, Rangers are in SPL..Scottish premiere league you idiots. Just keep following baseball or something. Please don't ruin the EPL by having a bunch of #$%$ all over the USA being "into it" so they can try to fit in at the local suburban pub, attempting to impress their peers that they are soooo international and cool.

    • save your dollars and go for championship team, the premiershit is purly for the rich and arm chair supporters, my second team is nott forest, if you want a southern side brighton, in those clubs you wil l still be a supporter not a atm machine.

    • I’m from New Jersey and I’m an Arsenal fan. I became an Arsenal fan when I first laid my eyes on this Arsenal jersey that was on sale at Niketown back in 1996. I was hooked. I had no clue who or what in the world were the Arsenal, but I just knew the jersey was so hot. I really didn’t watch any games until one day, me and my daughter’s mom were flipping through the channels and they were showing an Arsenal game. Not sure who they were playing, but I actually enjoyed the game. At the time, I wasn’t much of a soccer fan. Just something about watching their style of play got my attention. From there I watched more and more soccer until now I really enjoy watching it. There are certain leagues that I can’t watch because they just don’t provide that excitement like the EPL. I really hope someday the MLS can be that way. But anyways, if it were up to me I would say go with Arsenal. If I were you, watch some more games and see who you enjoy watching the most. Don’t a front-runner either. I hope you do find a team, but don’t be so hard on the MLS. It’s not great, but they’re trying. The Red Bulls are just so inconsistent, but I root for them. They got nice jerseys like Arsenal. LOL!!! I wish you the best on selecting a team. As for me, it’s all about the Arsenal. Yeah, I’m a Gooner. Peace.

    • The Gers are the best team in the world man.
      Possibly when you wake up you would see that to.

    • quote from arsenal6670
      Lol Rangers!!!??? Oh well done you got to the final of the UEFA cup but two ENGLISH teams got into the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!!!

      Aye maybe but it was not your team that got into that final.

    • maybe ur right, ur comparing man u and chelsea over rangers, mibbe a wee difference there eh, mega money teams in the final, everton, blackburn, tottenham, may i go on about the rest oh the runners ups down there, with the resources and backing (or lack of) i would say we are the team who not only achieved more than expected, we also exceeded those expectations and maybe the only british team to make such great achievements, after all man u should be in the champ final every year wit chelsea, they are giants

    • Go for Tottenham Hotspur. You can be sure of exciting attacking football, but ultimately look back atcertain points of the season and wonder "what if" so no glory hunting like Man utd or Chelsea so you wont be labelled as such. Just seeing exciting football with loads of goals !!

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