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  • Harry St. George Harry St. George Jun 15, 2008 19:27 Flag

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, ManU - till I die ?

    When are football fans going to understand that their tribal allegiances don't necessarily apply to their beloved favourite players. Hard to face up to but true nonetheless.

    These guys are professionals. Football is their job. That doesn't stop them enjoying (even loving
    it), but like all jobs there's are other factors involved - a new challenge, domestic issues, personality clashes and yes (surprise, surprise) more money. Abusing them because of this is mindless. Anyway, why would anyone (fan, Manager or owner) want to keep a player who doesn't want to play for their team anymore ?

    Man Utd. fans are among the worse (and the most arrogant) in this respect. How do they think Everton fans felt when they signed Rooney and what about their club's disgraceful 'tapping up' of Hargreaves ? - ( pot, kettle and black come to mind )

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