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  • Slyshooter Slyshooter Jun 22, 2008 16:19 Flag

    stop abusing ronaldo

    CR7 is a player of great value, commitment and loyalty. He is one of the greatest player of this time and his love for football is taking him to Spain, then what is wrong with that. I have read comments where people are pointing on his loyalty issues, I think he gave his 4+ years to ManU. and its fair enough, otherwise he shouldn't have moved from Sporting. Infact no player would ever move from their clubs.

    I dont understand why there is so much whining and loyalty issues when CR7 wants to move.

    United have done the same thing a thousand times, the recent example of players are Rooney, Saha, Van der Sar, Tevez. At that time the fans were happy that they captured the top players, but what about the fans of Everton, Fulham and West Ham. Rooney was brought up in Everton, they groomed him into what he is today. no one said that he is a disloyal player

    and not only ManU all the big clubs in EPL are doing the same thing capturing the best talent and most of the time they waste their seasons by making them sit on benches. They lure the players even when he is not required just for the sake of keeping him, because they have the money to do it. So whats the big issue if Real wants a top player in their club.

    Therefore, ManU should not question his commitment and most importantly don't disrespect the player, he made them win titles, value that.

    Posting comments that he is has a low class attitude and doesn't give respect to ManU only shows that people are scared if he moves away form ManU. He would have achieved his glorious form with any other club also

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    • if CR7 is a player of great commitment and loyalty, i'm the best football player ever it's just you haven't heard of me yet :))))

    • Ronaldo, rooney, scholes, keane, becham, law, giggs, cole, best, charlton,etc. From the clubs view, they are comodities, to further their success, team abilty. All have a shelf life, all become surplus to need. Loyalty is an opinion of choice, that lays souly with a player, despite what fans an media well say. On ronaldo of utd, well, apart from takeing over big games, an he goes missing, to become the bees knees you must do it in other top leagues and all tournements, i.e. beckenbauer, maradona, gasgoine, ronaldo of brazil, etc.

    • ttks, I agree with you. You are spot on and make alot of sense.
      ALL players should be held to the contract they signed in good faith, whether it is bigheaded superstar whiners like our Ron, or journeyman muckers who are not afraid to get stuck in for much less money. If not, let them rot.

    • glue sniffer Ronaldo is a cheat, you wouldnt start loving a burglar because he was so good at robbing your house so why all the over hype?, i think i know why, most of our media is a complete sell out, they are the ones pushing these 'brand names' at us, its no coincidence 95% of Man Ltd fans are retarded or just dont have the ability to think for themselves.

    • i am a die hard united fan. but since he came out and said he was a slave, that has really put me off him!! i used to think he was truly amazing, really gifed player. Now i think he is just a little kid throwing his toys out the pram, and crying along with it!!
      we should have sold him to Real, and spent the money on someone who wants to be there, like Berba.

    • He gave his 4+ yrs to ManU...but I think ManU has given him more for the past 4 years. ManU has made him a better player. And the fact that he violate his contract is just not right, he should honour his contract. And he accused ManU of slavering him. He bite the hands that feed him...

      Quote: ManU have done the same thing thousand times <-- It shows that SAF is a hypocrite!! nuff said.

      I am merely the above as a football fans in general...while as a Liverpool fan...I do hope that he move to Real..and hope he will score against you in the CL...that will be interesting to watch!! :)

    • bang on, if me or you wants to change jobs, we dont get harped on at about loyalty do we. ronaldo has won everything to win with man u, well thats worth winning, why shouldnt he want the challenge of spain ? there are not many clubs players want on their cv's man u real madrid ac milan and barcalona are top of any players list, his done it in england time for him to move, and as you say, man u have been tapping players for years from other clubs. As for no respect for united, i havent heard the player once say he dont wanna be at united or that he wants to play for real madrid, if he had done that then he would be being disrespectful man us problem is they are owned by plastics, run by plastics and followed by plastics who all thing football owes them and belongs to them, well guess what, it dont, and its been around a lot longer than the premeirship ! get over yourselfs.

    • Yeh..! I'm a Man.U. Fan!- I love my Club..AND I'm SICK to the back of my TEETH, when I read "some" commentary, about the Lad..!-It's totally "Stupid" in todays FOOTBALL, to bring "High" Moral BROWS, particularly,from 4 Lettered"TOITS"such as Loyalty,Sincerity,Disrespect..Whatelse have you..Just to "CLOBBER" Cristiano RONALDO..!!
      I DISTANCE myself,well clear from such Ranting,Whinning and Antics..cause WE LOVED HIM, through his 4 YEARS, the Most GLORIOUS in the las few Decades,with Back-to-Back Triumphs,and RECORD Goals Scoring i the Prem..!- Whatever you decide RONALDO..We will RESPECT YOU !-"Obrigado" and GOOD LUCK !

    • what is the point of ronaldo stopping at man u he has won all the english tropheys why not enlarge his medal collection in other contries,theres no loyalty in football anymore

    • its not about him wanting to move its the way hes gone about it douchebag

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      • The "Way" hes gonne about it...!! -Does the "way" you Strike the Ball to Score the Winning Goal..make any Bloody Difference?? - The Whole Point.."missed" OUT..(Deliberately,Purposely ) by the Cannine British Sports Press...
        "HYPING"..Big "Bucks"(Glazers) Version of the Facts..is that you cannt ask a boy,Dying of THIRST for a Lifetime Chance,to PROVE his Inherent Genius..to sign on some "dotted Line"..before you let him kick the Ball..on your Pitch..and "After" he has done FAR MORE,then was asked for,from him.."CHAIN HIM" to a Bench..if someone wants to "PAY FOR" your Freedom.. to Leave...!!( An Historically FABULOUS PAYMENT/INDEMNITY)..!!!!!!!!!!
        THAT, #$%$" IS THE TRUE STORY..Sorry...IT will Jolt You..OR pass you by...on your Grazing Fields...!! London

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