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  • johnbhoy johnbhoy Aug 22, 2008 15:11 Flag

    Should Celtic and rangers get to join the English Premier

    I think its about time the old firm join the top league in britain what do you think???

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    • Yep,
      if people think there will be crowd trouble then they are just encouraging it with those comments.
      we all have to remember that it's only a game where players kick the ball around to try to score for a win.
      why fight over that?
      kick the refs #$%$ for making bad decisions not each other for winning or losing.

    • As an englishman born to a scottish mother, yes they should join the english premier league.

    • Sam dont write utter #$%$ 2008 UEFA cup final was Celtic v Porto and out of 68 thousand celtic fans there were no arrests and the fans have been welcomed with open arms,and uefa awarded THE CELTIC FANS the fairplay award the first time this has been done,so you are the dobber with the unsubstantiated comments.we scots are welcome worldwide unlike you english dipsticks who talk a load of #$%$,but thats the standard for a uneducated english #$%$.

    • Sam Coventry dont have 49,000 fans at home like Rangers do,and 61,100 that Celtic have so get your facts correct before you make a right tit of yourself.

    • "Scots are never involved in any trouble" - I think not.... Or did the 2008 UEFA Cup final not happen? Don't make daft unsubstantiated comments. There is very little difference between English and Scottish football fans. There are bad eggs in both countries. Also don't slag off clubs like Coventry. Granted they might not have won much in there history; but they still pull in more fans than every team bar two in Scotland. Trophies are not the only thing that makes a club worthwhile.

    • Well said KERMIT.....................................

    • Orr what the hell are you going on about,us Scots can go worldwide and never be involved in any trouble,there is more chance the English would be the troublemakers,so think before you write any more #$%$.

    • Rangers and Celtic should definitely not be allowed to join the English Premier League. They only want to join for their own financial benefit and on the whole it would be to the detriment of the English league.

      The Scottish league has a long history, and Celtic and Rangers should focus on making the Scottish league better rather than abandoning it. Having strangled the other SPL teams for twenty years, the Old Firm now seem to want to kill them off completely. If the SPL are clever they would modify the SPL into a 16 team league where each team plays each other twice. That alone should allow for the likes of Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen to occasionally get the better of one or both of the Old Firm come the end of the season.

    • That's a great shame, I would love to have your two wonderful teams in the EPL. The annual 12 points would be very welcome.

      There's just one condition. You have to pay the compensation due to Manchester for the damage both physical and commercial caused by the drunken, sub-human moronic Scottish apes (no, take that back, that's an insult to apes!) when we had the misfortune to welcome you to our city to play one of your insignificant Europen ties.


    • yes a wolves fan

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