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  • Hud Hud Oct 17, 2008 02:48 Flag

    Name a all time combined Home Nations team

    Wondering If all you would be Managers have an All time team they would like to pick?

    Could be an interesting topic this one

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    • such a stupid question and ur team is even worse republic of ireland arnt home nations so take irwin keane an (staunton lol) out 4 starters no mention of gordon banks, jimmy greives, nobby styles, stanley mathews, duncan edwards billy bremner to name but a few u obviously dont no much about the past except charlton best and moore because of the spotlight theve been in im a united fan but gary neville all time home nations team is a joke as is owen stick to players that r playing now if u dont know ur history

    • Thought someone would have replied by now. Anyway, thought i'd contribute my 23-man squad:

      Goalies: Jennings; Southall; Shilton

      Defenders: Moore; Adams; Staunton; McLeish; Pearce; Irwin; Donaghy; G. Neville

      Midfielders: R. Keane; Souness; B. Robson; Gascoigne; B. Charlton; Best; Beckham; Giggs

      Strikers: Dalglish; Lineker; Rush; Owen

      Maybe a starting line-up of:

      Jennings; Neville; Moore; McLeish; Pearce; Charlton; Keane; Souness; Best; Dalglish; Lineker

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      • I don't think many people have replied becuase - like myself - we just don't know enough historically good players, and the ones I do know, I can't honestly say I could compare as I haven't seen them enough.

        To be honest I'm struggling to name a starting 11 for Wales Scotland or N. Ireland that doesn't include players who are playing now... In fact even combining them, I'd struggle to name a right back, or left back of any merit? - and alot of people know alot less about football than me. Judging by the fact that the only response names G. Neville, maybe there aren't any!

      • Need Shearer in there instead of Rush. Although Rush was an absolute legend at Liverpool, he never did it on big stage for Wales, unlike Big Al! Apart from that, pretty good squad there!!

      • Roy Keane played for Republic of Ireland as did Dennis Irwin and Steve Staunton Therefore do not qualify for Home nations