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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 26, 2008 06:50 Flag

    ramos sacked,rednapp in !!!!

    do you fans seriously think that harry would leave portsmouth to join spurs?

    why would he after getting most of his summer targets?

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    • Alas my friend, Harry has indeed gone to Spurs. I can't believe it myself but I don't think it was all Harry's own doing though. I think Pompey got 5 million or so as compensation. I think we are a bit cash-strapped at the moment so it may have been a bit of a deal done between the executives and not just Harry's joice. I hope that Defoe and some other boys don't follow him, we would really be in the #$%$ then!! I shall go and watch both matches down the pub this afternoon and see what happens. It could be very interesting!

      We have been left in good hands though. I think Pompey's succes over the last few years is also due to Adams and Jordon they would make an excellent management team together. Perhaps Adams need not look for a team to manage, he already has one. I think it could be a bit exciting actually!

      Pompey fan in exile (Stockholm)


    • Money. Harry is a legend when it comes to managers but he is a fricken #$%$ bag when it comes to loyalty. Only cares about money.

      He did it to Portsmith 2 times now!

      I like Harry but he is a dog. Not as loyal as one though! ;-)

    • Harry will take them to the championship as he did the scummers!!!!!1