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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 24, 2008 19:52 Flag

    Manchester united suck if you disagree comment and say "why".

    they clearly dont meaning as they are champions of the world like.
    what team do you like then??
    write back soon kayleigh xx

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    • This thread is rather silly, Man Utd is (not are) excellent and that is coming from a Liverpool fan.

      What I do think sucks is the Scottish footie press' fascination with the Premier League. Who gives a damn how well Rangers and Celtic would do, they are not in the Premier League. It's just like the English bangin' on about 1966 for crying out loud.

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      • man u and the other top clubs in the prem only do so well due to the cowardly refs who ask for tolerance but give poor performances when fans pay too much to see thier team play to see a ref with eyes for one team is hard to take. the rising stars coming from the championship have not only to beat these teams but the offcials as well please give them a fair deal and you may see the likes of arsenal man u chelsea and liverpool in the championship then lets see how much they charge to watch