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  • bluegrit bluegrit Dec 9, 2008 02:26 Flag

    robbie keane for sale

    robbie keane is on his way again, proberly back to spurs in a cut price deal, liverpool short of cash have more players for sale, torris is the star city want. the yanks are skint and so are liverpool. regards helpfull but worried chelsea fan.

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    • Dear Worried Cheslea

      Torris is spelt Torres. (Thought you might like to know in case you write again)

      I can see why you are worried the league is getting away from you. How many times have you won it? Liverpool has won it 18 times and Manchester Utd 17. The Champions League is a different game which you have not grasped. Liverpool have won it 5 times and Manchester Utd 3. The FA Cup how many times have you won that. Manchester Utd has won it the most 11 times, Liverpool and Arsenal have both won it 7 times.

      I have a bet that I put on at the beginning of the season for Liverpool to win the league and the Champions League.(300-1)

      I am a Liverpool supporter and very happy at present, would be even more happy if we could get these bloody Yanks out. All around the KOP supporters hold up banners saying "Go home Yanks". I would not mind but by a long way the biggest ethnic group in Liverpool are Chinese. We would appreciate a rich Chinese owner.

      I was disappointed that Chelsea could not even get a draw with Manchester Utd. Pathetic really aren't you.

      John Terry is an easily dislikable man but he commands respect from his team-mates. Lampard, a loverable rogue and often seems to be reading the newspaper in a far corner of the pitch for long periods.

      Contented Liverpoool Fan

    • Silly #$%$ , it's yer mum who's fer sale. Had Er once weren't
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      Poor little pratt started having illusions of adequacy. Smells like
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    • Robbie keane a video link here:
      Sad to see him go if he does

    • he is bigger than pelè!

    • Liverpool should have never have bought him. We should have raised a little more cash and bought David Villa..who else partners Torres better than his national team mate.

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      • Keane will come through in time. He's never been an instant hit at any team he's played for. Never really settled with Inter, but performed amicably. Took a long time to truly find his feet at Tottenham, but then became a hero. I think it's because he's not blessed with lightning speed. A quick player can instantly fit in anywhere because all you have to do is put the ball through and let them chase it, easy. Someone like Keane relies on good link-up play, passing moves, clever runs etc. This takes time to get used to. You almost have to build up telepathy with your midfielders so they know what positions you will be running into and where moves are likely to place you. This took time at Tottenham, but then the likes of Jenas and Berbatov could link up perfectly with him. Liverpool have Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano who are great players and will be able to link up beautifully with Keane once the understanding is there, then the world will be wondering what the fuss was about. Torres was an instant hit because he is so quick. This season so far, he's had a few tweaks to the old hamstring, which has made him a little more wary of the electrifying bursts of speed of last season, thereby making him a little less effective. Ergo the Keane problem. Now the rest of the team are having to play clever with Torres as well as Keane, no more knocking it into space for Torres to chase until he is confident with the Hammy. They will come good. They will form a lethal partnership that will be feared across Europe, then Torres will move for an overinflated price to Madrid and only reach half the highs he will with Liverpool. Ah isn't it almost sad that you can predict the future so clearly. Everyone in Europe thinks the game starts and stops with Barcelona and Madrid, thats bull hockey.

      • yeahh...keane out, villa in..

    • Sale, sale.... I thought Sale played rugby. Yes stupid comment .. just like the post!!