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  • SIMON SIMON Dec 13, 2008 18:15 Flag

    man u or liverpool, who's most successful?

    i've seen on a reply on a thread that someone listed all trophies won by man u to prove they don't suck.
    they forget that liverpool's list is just as long, only with more european cups, and more league titles.
    yes liverpool haven't won prem (yet), but it was harder to win title when it was 2 points for a win.
    personally i go for liverpool.
    what do you all think?

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    • Man Utd will win , because they have the most stronger squad !!!
      They have 11 people on the pitch , & have very good subtituts also!!!

    • so you havent won the real treble then you micky mouse of club you hate it because man u is gods team

    • your not as big as united simple as that they got the biggest fan base in the world and manu have been the most successfull club for the last 20 years when liverpoo won europian cups it was only about 6 teams in it lol untill they got us banned out of europe plus if the busby babes didnt die in that crash i wonder lol but this year man u will win every cup so far the charity sheild and the world cup already and derby wont stand a chance tuesday we will win them all good bye little keep dreaming but united dont need to dream its real and it happning lol

    • manu are succesful all the way

    • Liverpool is the

      League Champions 18
      1900-01 1905-06 1921-22 1922-23 1946-47
      1963-64 1965-66 1972-73 1975-76 1976-77
      1978-79 1979-80 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84
      1985-86 1987-88 1989-90

      Football Association Challenge Cup Winners 7
      1964-65 1973-74 1985-86 1988-89 1991-92
      2000-01 2005-06

      League Cup Winners 7
      1980-81 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84 1994-95
      2000-01 2002-03

      Football Association Charity Shield Winners 15
      1964* 1965* 1966 1974 1976
      1977* 1979 1980 1982 1986*
      1988 1989 1990* 2001 2006
      ( * shared)

      European Cup Winners 5
      1976-77 1977-78 1980-81 1983-84 2004-05

      UEFA Cup Winners 3
      1972-73 1975-76 2000-01

      European Super Cup Winners 3
      1977 2001 2005

      Super Cup Winners 1

      Liverpool will be considered the more successful club than Manu,if they win 2008/09 EPL title. Else they will be on equal footing I would say. Most MANU fans are too young to learn the success of LFC.

    • after we won again this season we levels on league titles and dominating premier titles but you liverpool fans like counting pre war titles

    • Much as it hurts me to admit it but Liverpool are the most successful English club in terms of winning trophies; they have a much better European record than United. Domestically, its fairly even. For the record it goes:

      ....................Liverpool vs United
      European Cup..........5 vs 3
      UEFA cup.............. 3 vs 0
      European CWC........0 vs 1
      League..................18 vs 17
      FA Cup....................7 vs 11
      Carling Cup..............7 vs 2
      World Club Cup........0 vs 2
      European super cup. 3 vs 1

    • After the teams beat brazilian sides and agertina sides to get there sorry little boy we was the best in europe the brazilian teams got knocked out and agintina sides all so check up youngster

    • The holy grail keddddddddddddddddd it will never be done again man u got the biggest fan base in the world man u would of won more european cups if liverpoo didnt get us banned from europe lol and i tell you who will win every thing this year manu and who have won the world club cup twice i wonder our name is on there for good

    • if anyone with any sense or any knowledge of football will know the most successful team in english football is liverpool as they have won the league title more times than man utd,they have also won the european cup more times than them,also they have won the uefa cup winners cup more times than the #$%$ so on the whole yes man utd have won the PL more than liverpool but they are not the most successful team than liverpool YNWA

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