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    Will villa finish in the coveted top four???

    Wouldn't it be good to see the top 4 places not being monopolised for once!....I'de love to see Aston Villa get in there this season, Who thinks it is going to be likely to happen and if so who's the one from the regular four (Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal) to drop lower this year?

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    • its looking very likely now!!!!!

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      • I think Villas form has seen them deservedly claim a top four spot. Whether they can hold onto it looks 50-50 right now. I hope they can, as it will do the EPL good as a whole.
        The teams usually labelled "the chasing pack" will now have more belief that the top four are not the invincibles they once were.
        It doesn't matter who drops to 5th, but it looks increasingly like Arsenal.

    • kinda contradicts what i said earlier but i found this in an article i found while browsing the net and i kinda agree with it:

      'The general notion is that Villa do not have the equipment seriously to challenge for a top four place, never mind the title. And as the performance of their second string in the UEFA Cup last week demonstrated - it is probably true that a couple of unfortunate injuries to the likes of Ashley Young or Gareth Barry would quickly reveal the thinness of their resources.'

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      The villains have a heck of a midfield and this is what is making them progress so far.

      Their performance so far is just awesome but they need to keep their consistency. Their display against West Ham, i would say much below par, and hope that they learn from it. If they can keep this consistency then there is no one stoppin them from finishing 3rd this season.

      I was really hopin for Tottenham to break in the top 4 this season but now only pray that they get their UEFA qualification. so somebody should do the work. Really hope that they finish above ManU.

    • i rate it will be either Liverpool or arsenal to fall below villa. i hope it happens because i don't have a clue what is going down with arsenal recently but maybe finishing outa the top 4 will knock some sense into Wenger because the system he uses aint working to good. if Liverpool fall outa the top 4 then again i rate it will wake em up the past few seasons have started strong but they just seem to deteriorate around this time i don't if its because all they want is the champs league or what but it would be good to get all top 4 teams back to the usual fighting until the last games of the season