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  • Why do football fans spend all that time mudslinging? I've been a man utd fan for a long time, but every time I come on the board to see what's on, there is always cheap insults thrown to and fro, very rarely is mutual respect shown between fans. Some comments are so personal and insulting, I really don't get the point.

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    • wagnard

      manu fans enjoy a lot of success which is nice for them however other fans like myself dont appreciate the percieved arrogance of them , their manager and some of the players, ex players etc
      A lot of manu fans dont come from manchester dont go to games and are really freeloaders . I ve been to old trafford several times and always support the other team (haha) the atmosphere is strange its quiet , manu fans call out come on number ...24 to their own players
      most of us have a reason for following the club we do so otherthan glory seeking. After all footie is life some ups and lots of downs
      so when im asked its
      "anyone but Manu"
      happy christmas - why dont you go and see a real team over the break .Im off to the Galpharm on sunday should be fun, real football