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  • tracy tracy Jan 4, 2009 08:10 Flag

    Anyone here wanna answer a yanks questions?

    Hey a n American guy here with some questions I love watching football but there are a some things I don't understand??

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    • so witha large part of the best club teams in the world in the premier league do you think that your domestic players are the best in the world and if so why all the recent qualification problems? I understand the world cup is harder to get to because of level of the groups , but it's not our fault we are in a week area we didn't design the country with that in mind and I think we play as tough a international schedule as anyone?

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      • I think we have a few (Gerrard, Ferdinand, Rooney, Owen (when he plays)) but the remainder, while above the average top pro are not up to that level. We have suffered for managers over the recent past. Sven, I thought, was great outside tournaments, but when it came to The World Cup and European Championship, he seemed pretty clueless. Mclaren was just a waste of time. I think Capello is going in the right direction, and I have this feeling we will do better next time a major tournament comes around.
        Also, lets not forget, for a very long time, the thing that set us apart was the speed and the physical nature of the of our game. Now that so many foreign players are over here playing domestically, there is very little difference at International level, they are all used to it now!

    • Nationally the US team lacks the depth of the teams throughout the rest of the world. With the MLS not being as competitive as other leagues around the world, in my opinion due to the fact that teams are not fighting for promotion or against relegation, the players are never going to develop beyond a certain point. For the US team to be stronger, they need more players in overseas leagues, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil etc. This would allow those players to develop beyond the level they are currently at as the competition is much more fierce and level of play is higher. To stay afloat they have to continually add more an more attributes to their games.
      As for underachievers, usually its more a case of yo-yo teams. There are 5 or 6 teams in the premier league each year fighting out the relegation battle. Usually this includes the 3 newly promoted teams, and 2 unerachievers. In recent years West Ham, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Fulham are the underachievers. Then you have the likes of West Brom, Wolves, Birmingham, Southampton, etc who are going to bounce into the Premier League for 1 year then be relegated for a year or two, then make another appearance and so on and so forth. On top of this, you have the former bigger teams who have had money troubles, dropped from grace to restructure and never made it back. Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest were once mid-table mainstays of the top division, but overspent, couldn't keep pace with wages, transfer fees as a result and had to sell their assets that kept them sitting pretty. To this day, none of them have managed to even sniff at the crotch of the premier league since.

    • Thaks guys I appreciate all the help especially the part about the English League. OK aswer this for me. Who are the best teams i the lower divisions that seem to always underachieve ad never manage to make the jump to the next division ad on the national team level do you feel we are still far behind, or just lacking the depth of the european teams?

    • I'm a Brit also living and working in the US and I have to agree that the standard of MLS has improved greatly. When I first came here it was like watching non-league teams play (no offense to anyone in the league, the structure just wasn't there and the coaching for style, techniques and strategy left something to be desired). Over the years, it has developed massively and now the better teams here could, on a good day, handle mid-table premier league quality. However, over the course of a whole season, with the rigours of the gameplay in England and the quantity of games with league and cups, none of the US teams could last out the season at the top. Standards over a full season would put US teams as maybe mid table 1st division (now called Championship or whatever #$%$ they dreamt up). Its tough to try to compare, because here they always play the same teams, they play very few games, there's no promotion or relegation which takes a little of the competitiveness away as they are not fighting to live (as in cases like the minnows making the premier league, buying expensive players then literally fighting to the death to avoid bankruptcy). Keep developing MLS. Football is growing here, especially with the young kids. Maybe in 30 years when these youngsters have kids of their own they will be teaching them the real football instead of the namby pamby wear lots of padding and play in 10 second spurts kind of football thats so popular here.

    • Brazil is the best footballing nation in South America while the US is the best nation in North America. We're dealing with 2 different continents here.

    • like what fella?

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      • Is it just a total random draw on who plays who in the FA Cup, and how does the replay affect the premier league seasons. Also I know our depth is not near that of europe but how do people Brits feel about our national team, and from what I understand there is premier league and coca cola 1 & 2? I know how promotion and relegation works, but if you are in the bottom league and finish in the bottom do local leagues get promotions and such or where does all of that end? Thanks for the help I am really interested in it. I am a high school coach here in the states coaching basketball and softball, which are not important there but would be happy to answer any questions ya got! Thanks!