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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 10, 2009 09:57 Flag

    Good for Rafa......about time somebody got ferguson's antics looked at closely

    Every word was the truth. It took a lot for Rafa to
    finally say something....but somebody had to......
    Alex Ferguson's CONSTANT critisising and
    bytching about how his poor little squad is so
    mistreated ( this is such a load of shyte cuz they
    get more favourable calls than any side ) no doubt
    WAS influencing matches.

    Good on you Rafa...........it was about time. And
    now lets see if the FA has any integrity. The very
    next time Ferguson opens his big loud mouth
    slap him with a fine and a suspension.....and this
    time make it enough to sink into his tiny brain.
    Maybe 50 grand and a ten match suspension
    would shut the idiot's mouth.

    The football world watches with anticipation.

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