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  • KingKtoykcaj KingKtoykcaj Jan 13, 2009 14:41 Flag

    Rafa got it wrong again !

    There seems to be selection mistakes for Rafa Benitez for his team against Stoke on the 10th of January 2009.

    He left the £20.3million Robbie Keane and the
    £26.5million Fernando Torres on the bench,
    and opted for Stevie G as a backup striker,
    just behind Dirk Kuyt. The 2 main strikers were fit and ready to play at the start.

    Keane has scored against Arsenal, and a brace against Bolton, in December 08.

    Torres was the League top scorer before
    he got injured in November,and was on the bench against Stoke.

    Both strikers clearly need more playing time, if not together, then as a lone striker.

    Lucas should not have started the match, in place of the injured Alonso, and the former lacks
    creativity, vision and flair.

    Many would have agreed that Stevie should start in the middle of the park, with Kuyt operating on the right, in place of the light-weight Benayoun against Stoke.

    Liverpool's two main strikers, Keane and Torres should have started.

    Benitez, if you want to win the title, you have to go for broke. The best form of winning is to ATTACK. Accumulating draws will not win Liverpool the title, that's for sure.

    You have to win against the lesser teams if you want to win the EPL title, not forgetting to beat
    Chelsea, Arsenal, and MAN UTD along the way.

    On current form, Man U will steamroll against any team, but it is another 4 months to the end of the race, and I reckon it will be a close 2 horse race between Liverpool and Man Utd.

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    • No he did'nt he go it right in his head...that's why he's a fool...give him a red nose.

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      • There is NEVER a good reason to start 2 defending midfielders like Masch and Lucas. Starting one holding midfielder is part of the game and a integral part of a defensive strategy but if your main goal in playing a match is "not to lose" then Liverpool will win the race for the most draws in a season AGAIN.
        It's absolutely mind boggling to see Kuyt up front with Stevie behind him. Kuyt is and will always be a secondary striker who works hard and supplies the ball to a proper striker like Torres. I can kind of understand sitting Torres because he has to be brought back into the squad gently but there's no reason to be sitting Keane. When Rafa buys 50 million worth of strikers and plays Gerrard in their place, it's a sad thing to watch. I'm still more than confident that we'll win the title this year but we could've won it much sooner if Rafa grew a pair.

    • well said,rafa must set out to will all games,torres and keane in a 4 4 2 formation,got to go with it,needs to drop lucas as he would not stand uot if he played in a sunday league team

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      • well said jacky o and well said shep. rafa's ridiculous managerial decisions with regard to team selection and substitutions have cost us so many points already! rafa start playing your best players week in week out! keane and torres cannot be left out of the starting 11, how can they form a partnership if they are not playing together. start playing 4-4-2 and then (if you must), when the games won go back to your defensive 4-5-1!
        kuyt cannot play as a lone striker and lucas should not have a liverpool shirt on his back! rafa you are ruining our title hopes!