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  • Nath Nath Jan 15, 2009 15:48 Flag

    When will Benitez go?

    I am not saying I want him to go. If he keeps getting kidney infections and can`t go to matches Sammy Lee will just be doing formations and other stuff managers do.

    Benitez is a "GOOD" Manager.

    If Benitez goes, who would you want to be the Liverpool manager?

    Post your say.....

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    • The sooner Benitez leaves the club, the less suffering Liverpool fans will get for not winning the EPL title season after season.

      5 seasons is ample time to win it, and I think he has run out of excuses for not winning enough matches.

      La Liga and EPL are two different LEAGUES altogether,
      and he MUST GO IMMEDIATELY to end our suffering!

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      • iam a pool fan and this result is the best for­­­ liverpool fc and for us the fans i have said long ago­­­ that rafa must go rafa must go now he is not good­­­ enough to manage liverpool it shows in his management­­­ skills selling robbie keane and not even giving him a­­­ chance at the club and not buying sum one to replace­­­ him but no he said that the rest of the players would­­­ get goals from the likes of lucas and ngog and the­­ rest­ of the bad players he bought in kuyt works hard­­ but not­ good enough and gerrard should have not even­­ played­ today he is not fit from injury its about time­­ rafa has­ being found out by relying on gerrard torres­­ and­ carragher and making too many crazy decisions and­­ for the champions league liverpool won it with gerrard­­ houllier players time to­ stand down rafa for the good­­ of the club and the fans

    • Duff Man who would u want to be the next manager for LFC?

    • His new deal is impending, and it would take him until the summer of 2013, and there is a salary increase.

      Personally, I think he should NOT be given the new deal,
      unless Liverpool wins the EPL title this season.

      I think Jose Mourinho will make a better coach for this Liverpool team - I reckon this is the best team since Dalglish-McMahon-Souness-Rush-Hansen era.

      No, I am sorry dude, Rafa will not go so soon.You don't sack a coach who brings the team to the top after 21 games, although he makes mistakes in team selection sometimes.

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      • Benitez is full of S..t.remember his rant about facts here are some facts for the #$%$.NO1: Ronaldo is the best in the world Fact.NO2:Man Utd are the best club in the world Fact.NO3:Man Utd have the best manager of all time Fact.NO4:Man Utd have the best defence Fact.NO5 Man Utd are the biggest club in the world Fact.NO6:Man Utd are the only team to win the real treble in england Fact.NO7:Lpool are a bunch of fools and gerrard is a Bully hitting people smaller than him Fact.Lpool are a small club who can only live off history Fact.

    • Ridiculous thread........he won't.

      New contract on the way to being agreed subject to agreement on the power of rafa's role (which could actually be a bit of a sticking point). Top of the league, although not definitively so, but at least we are in a fight with United, wheras in the past we;'ve been way off the pace. A team developing along some nice lines,. but just needs tweaking. Surely he knows where.

      Lets get behind Rafa and talk about how we improve with him, instead of speculating who could replace him.