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  • KingKtoykcaj KingKtoykcaj Mar 1, 2009 01:57 Flag

    When will Benitez go?

    The sooner Benitez leaves the club, the less suffering Liverpool fans will get for not winning the EPL title season after season.

    5 seasons is ample time to win it, and I think he has run out of excuses for not winning enough matches.

    La Liga and EPL are two different LEAGUES altogether,
    and he MUST GO IMMEDIATELY to end our suffering!

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    • iam a pool fan and this result is the best for­­­ liverpool fc and for us the fans i have said long ago­­­ that rafa must go rafa must go now he is not good­­­ enough to manage liverpool it shows in his management­­­ skills selling robbie keane and not even giving him a­­­ chance at the club and not buying sum one to replace­­­ him but no he said that the rest of the players would­­­ get goals from the likes of lucas and ngog and the­­ rest­ of the bad players he bought in kuyt works hard­­ but not­ good enough and gerrard should have not even­­ played­ today he is not fit from injury its about time­­ rafa has­ being found out by relying on gerrard torres­­ and­ carragher and making too many crazy decisions and­­ for the champions league liverpool won it with gerrard­­ houllier players time to­ stand down rafa for the good­­ of the club and the fans