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  • I know this is going to be a very controversial subject for many people so bear with me on this one.
    My idea is to combine Rangers and Celtic into one team called Glasgow FC.

    The reason for my thinking is such.
    1. We remove the bigotry involved in Scottish Football by removing the Sectarian history that belongs to both sides of the old firm.
    2.We create a team that could hypothetically fill a 100,000 seat stadium with fans (combine the capacity of Ibrox and Celtic Park)
    3. The revenue of the teams would be combined and create a team with the finances to hopefully enter and compete within the English Premier League.
    4. Entry of a Glasgow superteam into the EPL would free up the rest of Scottish Football to become more competitive and hopefully improve our national game as a whole.

    I know a lot of people will dislike this idea but can you just imagine a unified Glasgow team and the increase in influence it could gain in European football. To me it sounds glorious.

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    • GLASGOW?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    • Glasgow FC?

      If you're going to do that why don't you go the whole hog and make it a United Ireland?

      It would never work. There is too much hate and rivalry between the Celtic and Rangers.

    • if you knew anything about football jonathan you would know its not because of finances that the old firm cant join the EPL. Why would any of the english teams want the old firm in their challenging them for european places, they would lose millions. and what about the teams trying to get up from the championship, is it fair on them trying to get promoted all these years and we the old firm just walk in.

      AS for the financial side, rangers and celtic would be up there, they would recieve all the same financial benefits as the teams at the bottom of the league, which starts at 20million pounds compared to our 1million. the fanbase is massive all over the world so merchandice benfits would increase massivley.
      I would love to see it happen but i dont really think it will.

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      • I agree that the English teams may be hesitant to let us in but there has been the option mentioned of us joining the First Division to begin with. They would be happier to accept us as the increase in TV viewers, gate receipts from the massive Glasgow travelling fan base and Global exposure from Scottish Ex pats would benefit the entire league. We would not be guaranteed promotion in our first season but I am sure we would be up there fighting for it.

        It may be a long way off but Football is a business and a Glasgow Team in England would surely offer something to the business that is the First Division or Premier League.

      • Does anyone think that the people who witnessed the goings on in Manchester would want more of the same in other English cities. Another thing that would upset English people would be the Scottish flag on the Rangers strip, as for Celtic why not go and play in the Irish league as most of their supporters imagine this is what they are all about. What the goodness does Celtic minded mean is it to be like their greatest manager ever Jock Stein who as we know was brought up in the Rangers tradition.

    • great idea quicker we can get rid of the bigots the better.....

    • Sounds promising... But what about the sectarian chants? If they cant sing their pro-IRA / FTP songs, there will be silence in the stadium! A good Old Firm atch has atmosphere because of it. Not that I advocate that sort of thing.. I think you should follow through by penning a few non-sectarian songs for your new team!

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      • It would be funny if The fans of Glasgow F.c started shouting at each other this could never work though.

      • I about the sectarian chants, they would be a problem but most Rangers and Celtic songs already have alternative lyrics that are non-sectarian. For example the billy boys can be changed to the rangers boys and all sectarian content removed.
        I don't claim that my idea is an easy one to implement but nothing worth doing ever is.
        Another good point would be that the loss of sectarianism would improve the chance of any team receiving better sponsor offers because at present companies must have some fear that their brand could be associated with bigotry.

    • absolutely ludicrous, are you in broadmoor prison! celtic are a proud club who were founded as a charity to feed the poor in the east end of glasgow in 1887/1888 and too add to this celtic have always treated human beings with respect and dignity. remember the govan lot would not sign catholics and it was only 20 years ago that the govan mob signed their first catholic because they were so narrow minded. so why would a great institution such as celtic football club want to be associated with such a draconian establishment??? it would never happen because with the credit crunch biting hard the `gers will soon be closed down just like woolworths. maybe they could amalgamate with hearts seeing david murray is an edinburgh lad, they could call the set up HARTHILL JUNIORS!

    • i think in another time space ect it would be fantastic,but hey its not only a football problem its life in the uk,not just scotland,u would have to abolish free-massonery ect.ect.alöso then wee could all live in a brave-heart movie..... but yes i dream like you.....spl champs the green. camp ps all the best today for stephen pressley at falkirk a true pro...

    • that would never work celtic are a family!
      just because the huns are going under haha
      hail hail

    • rediculous idea.