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  • Slyshooter Slyshooter Jan 29, 2009 19:23 Flag

    Can Aston Villa win the league?

    They have the potential, half throgh the league, their positioning is very good.


    I know ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal are very strong teams, but they were also not at the top since the begining, and are ruling for about a decade, but earlier then that other teams have won the leagu titles too. so can it happen this year?

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    • Id have to say you lack the squad for it if you start getting major injuries (but then every team does vs uniteds bloated squad) though as a united fan id actually not mind too much if you did win, i dont see you finishing above united and chelski though as you dont really have the experience neccesary for the later stages, but anything can happen in footy.

      Best thing about you is your young english backbone in the side, o'neiil is clearly on the right track.