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    THERE IS ONLY ONE, GIGGS.I also like shearer but he did not win enough to be considered

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    • Wayne Rooney Is The Best......

    • Based purely on the 'Premier league' you couldn't go far wrong than pick between Berkamp, Henry, Van Nistelroy, Zola, Gerrard and possibly Shearer. Torres and Ronaldo have been excluded as they're still relatively new to the league, though on pure talent they'd probably be equal. If I had to put a wager my vote would go to Henry for his overall brilliance over a number of years in the top flight.

    • Super marlon harewood without question any player that can hit the corner flag with a shot from in side the box gets my vote !

    • Best Player of the 80's - Bryan Robson -- Darryl Naidoo, South African Robbo fan...

    • ryan gigs there is no doubt about that...cuz his win alots of cup than other...his one man one club....best primier league caps...he still on top condition...even he is 35....with one more years contract he still can play till he 36...for stevie G n torres its true they ar better than ryan...but can they still on top even they reach age 35+?n how many cup they win with they club rite now?

    • Too many to pick just one...........

      Dennis Bergkamp
      Stevie Gerrard
      Thierry Henry
      Alan Shearer
      Frank Lampard
      Robbie Fowler
      Eric Cantona
      Gianfranco Zola
      Cristiano Ronaldo
      Paul Gascoigne
      Ruud Gullit
      Fernando Torres (Would get my current vote).

    • Giggs holds a host of football records, including that of being the most decorated player in English football history. On 11 May 2008, he became the first footballer to collect 10 top division English league title medals.

      Giggs was the first player in history to win the PFA Young Player of the Year award consecutively (1992 and 1993) and is the only player to have played and scored in every single season of the FA Premier League since its inception, also holding the league's record for most all time goal assists with 289 assists in 535 appearances. Giggs has had a stellar domestic and continental career and is the first player in UEFA Champions League history to have scored in 12 successive seasons, on top of being elected into the PFA Team of the Century in 2007[2], the English Premier League Team of the Decade, in 2003, as well as the FA Cup Team of the Century.

      Cant say much more than that really.

    • tores or riera reasons:

      1.skill (already better than giggs)
      2.loads of goals and games in 1st season
      3.purely gr8
      4.better than giggs and any premier leage player EVER
      5.confidence in 1st season
      (and many many more reasons)

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      • Let me tell you about football because you do not know what your talking about you poor idiot.Firstly:Giggs was the best winger in the premier league for years:Second:Giggs always scored goals in every season he played in the premier league:Third:Giggs has won everything going and still winning trophy's:Fourth:Giggs was head and shoulders above that limited player riera when the same age and is still a better player than he will ever be he cannot be mentioned in the same breath as Giggs because Giggs has class.Fifth:Giggs has done it for 18 years at the top level and is dedicated,decorated and is a great example to all kids out there so do not even mention a player like riera who could not get a game for man city what riera is is an average player who could not lace Ryan Giggs boots who fool.As for torres he has to do it for another 5 years at least to be a great remember 1 season does not make torres great but he is a good player,thats all that can be said about him for the moment.................................................... FACT.

      • "Many many more reasons"? One of your original reasons why they are better is simply that "they are better" and another is that they are "purely great"... those aren't really reasons, just restating the thing that you are trying to reason!

        Can't remember Riera scoring many goals either...

        Is this a wind up or are you just a simpleton?

    • Giggs
      Di Cannio
      Roy Keane

    • my main man Eric the Cantona his dashing runs his flicks and when he does score it is with a passion. there can never be two of him.

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