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  • The Man The Man Feb 3, 2009 21:37 Flag

    Liver poo are a cup team just aston villa

    Thats all they will ever be a small cup side. gerrard asked benitez could he lead the team out of the tunnel on match day but benitez told him the only tunnell you will be coming out is the tunnel you will be digging to try and get out of the smelly prision you will be locked up in.

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    • Are you aware that Liverpool are still the most successful english club?

      18 League Titles

      7 FA cups

      7 League Cups

      15 Charity Shields

      5 Champions League Titles

      3 UEFA Cups

      3 Super cups

      3 World Club cups

      Do i hear the jealous rantings of an illiterate man utd fan?

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      • Why would MAN UTD Fans be jealous OF THE #$%$ remember the #$%$ did not lose a whole sqaud that would of dominating british football through the 60,70,80s Munich remembered.We have the best sqaud in world football we have the best player in world football we are the best british, European and world team we have the best manager of all time we have the most decorated footballer in british history and we win league after league cup after cup and we do not have to go back 20 years to win a league we do it now so put that where the sun dont shine or you can praise the great Manchester United........................................................Plus i meant to say we will be level on leagues with the boring #$%$ this year and our team is so young that we will dominate for another 20 odd years....................................................Glory Glory MAN UTD.

      • 3 World club cups i here u say? WRONG if so can u pls name the years, i don't think so. 0 World club cups get the fact write b4 u hav bragging writes

      • It's 18 years since Liverpool won the league, and once United win the league this year we will have caught you up on 18 wins.

        I'm sorry but, "3 world club cups" you must be confused because you have never won it! Man U have though.